Launch of the Model Telegraph

Good evening, MHoC. This is the announcement post for the launch of the Model Telegraph. 🎉

We have one goal: to be MHoC’s source for interesting stories and reliable news. I am the Editor in Chief/Managing Director and /u/paul_randis the Deputy Editor.

Internally, there will be two available full-time roles (at present) “Contributor” and “Columnist”. Contributors are persons who help the Telegraph in achieving its goal as becoming the favoured source for reliable news by posting/writing a range of things such as articles, interviews as well as sourcing leaks and Op-Eds. Columnists are persons who post regular Op-Eds for the Telegraph. Anyone from any part of the political spetrum is welcome to contribute etc.

We are also of course happy to publish any Op-Eds or leaks (M: even if it were to damage our own goals in the game), provided it doesn’t slander or impact our ability to be a source for news (and doesn’t break good reddiquette or MHoC content rules). Our Editorial Policy is that every voice should be heard.

If you are interested in anything above, please DM either me (discord pjr#6252) or Rand (Rand#0805). Op-Eds/Leaks can be directed to this sub’s modmail, or to either of us on discord.

Please don’t hesitate to DM us for anything you want/need.

Sub Link:

Discord Link:

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