TLC to endorse Climate Rebellion

A leak of TLC chats confirms TLC “election pact”, with endorsements of fringe parties.

An anonymous source has told the Sunday Telegraph that it is likely that the Traffic Light Coalition (TLC) will endorse DF44 on Sunday’s Election.

A leaked screenshot from a TLC Group where Liberal Democrat and Labour Representatives discussing the matter of an endorsement of DF44 tells us many things about the current state of the TLC.

It shows us that the TLC is setting up the infrastructure needed to secure the keys to Number 10 in the next term.In the last election we saw the strength of the “Liberty Bloc” Pact between the Liberal Democrats, the LPUK and the Classical Liberals, which secured 15, 11 and 10 seats respectively . This having brought a  very strong showing suggests the TLC will likely be hoping to replicate this with a similarly designed Pact. This could potentially be a threat to the current Broad-Right coalition which makes up the 20th Government, and raises the question of whether we should expect a right wing pact to counterbalance the left wing pact.

Secondly, it confirms the alleged left wing shift of the Liberal Democrats, which began under Wagbo. under TheNoHeart, the Liberal Democrats were more economically liberal, embracing even the LPUK. But now, after two leaders on the left wing in Wagbo  and Estoban06, it is clear the Lib Dem shift is long-term, and that the Lib Dems will likely find themselves within a TLC Pact in the next election.

Leaked screenshot from TLC group

Thirdly, it shows the influence of the Beveridge Group lead by Wagbo. Earlier this week it was revealed that former prime minister Wagbo would lead the Beveridge Group. his presence in negotiations is very telling and would raise the question of whether a right wing presence, possibly lead by TheNoHeart, has any sway over the party at this time. it raises the question of how long it will take until we see repeats of previous factional conflict that we’ve seen within the party in the past, such as Nutter4Hire’s departure to the Classical Liberals ( from the Liberal Democrats is sustainable.

The Sunday Telegraphreached out to a number of the people mentioned in this article for comment.

DF44 confirmed to us, that he had accepted TLC endorsement providing the following comment:

I’ve had an excellent history working with them in previous by-elections, and we agree on many areas – with the Greens in several areas, with Labour on the need for economic and social justice, and with the Liberal Democrats on the importance of devolution. I’m proud to be able to accept their endorsements and bring a voice to Parliament that will be persistent in reminding us all that we’ve only got 12 Years Left to avoid disaster, and we need to make changes now.

DF44, Leader of Climate Rebellion

South Lancashire, the constituency where DF44 last ran.

Estoban06 provided the following comments in response to questions raised in this article:

The Climate Rebellion Party stands for a very worthy cause. Climate change is one of the, if not the most pressing issues at this minute. Indeed, even apart from climate change, we share many similar views. DF44 is a wonderful parliamentarian, and I can not think of any better equipped to serve Lancashire South. We will be endorsing him in the general election.

I don’t find [the perceived growing influence of the left wing in the party due to factional organisation within the party] worrying. The Executive represents the  views of the entire party and we make sure to take all views into account.

Estoban06, Leader of the TLC

Wagbo provided the following comments in regards to the questions we raised regarding the influence of the Beveridge Group over the Liberal Democrats:

I think that the right is far less organised and far less of a force within the party. If the right were to organise, they’d have exactly the same access that I do – they happen to choose not to. As the Chair of the Beveridge Group, I am pleased that left-leaning Liberal Democrats are well represented and listened to, and I have full confidence in the party Leader.

Wagbo, Former Prime Minister and Chair of the Beveridge Group

The Telegraph attempted to contact a number of members of the Liberal Democrats who are generally perceived to be on the right of their party, either historically or currently, none were available for comment


This leaked communication raises more questions than it answers. While it is not exactly surprising that the TLC is endorsing the Climate Rebellion Party, could it suggest that the Greens have a larger influence in the Coalition than it may seem to the outside due to the Climate Rebellion party generally being perceived as being within the ideological field of the Green Party? One may also wonder, with the endorsement of one fringe party,. Will the TLC be endorsing other Left Wing Fringe Parties such as the Communist League of Britain? Does the leak suggest the death of the economically liberal wing of the Liberal Democrats, possibly due to lack of organisation? Does it suggest that there is an internal fight for the heart and soul of the Liberal Democrats, being shielded from outside eyes? In this case, silence may be deafening.

One thing we can say for certain is that the left is now uniting, but what will this mean for the future of Britain? What will this mean for the future of the left? What will this mean for the future of Bipartisan Compromise?  And what will this mean for the future of the Liberal Democrats? Only time will tell.

The Sunday Telegraph will welcome any responses to this article, please DM Rand (Rand#0805) or PJR (Pjr#6252) on discord.

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