GEXI: Tories gain as Commons move right

The Conservative Party maintained its position as the largest party in Parliament last night, as it gained 35 seats in the Commons. The Daily Telegraph, meanwhile, looks into what could come next.

The General Election came to a close yesterday, as the results were released by YouGov and the BBC yesterday evening, after polling day on Saturday.

The results proved good for the Conservatives, who saw a rise of over 10 seats from the last General Election, in line with predicitions that they would see a rise. Both Labour and the Libertarians saw a rise, as did the Greens, while the Liberal Alliance shrank, likely in response to their rocky government over the last term.

Cumbria and Lanacashire North switched hands yet again, this time being gained by InfernoPlato.

This election also proved positive for the Independent Groupings. New Britain won two seats, and the new Climate Rebellion Group won a seat as well.

How did the Predictions stack up?

The Predictions were quite good, in terms of the National scores. Almost every predicition (except _paul_rand_’s underestimated the number of blue seats), and on average the predictions overestimated most other parties’ seat shares.

Who will be the next government?

The House of Commons has entered ‘Coalition Forming’ mode to allow MPs to swear in and Party Leaders to form blocs for the next term.

Graph of possible MPs (interactive version above), courtesy of zombie-rat

One possible coalition would be a continuation of the current Government (Conservatives, LPUK, Classical Liberals and New Britain), which would put the Government at 62 seats. An often cited possibility is also the ‘Broad Left’ coalition, which would only command 38 members of the House.

All likely majority coalitions, however, involve Conservative participation.

Throwawayravenclaw, the Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader stated they “will not go into coalition into the Libertarian Party” and that they want to work with “ideological partners”.


The Daily Telegraph asked some party representatives for comments about the results of the General Election.

The Leader of the Conservative Party, Leafy Emerald, responded:

I am very pleased with the results and I am glad to see gains were made all around Britain. Overall, the election result was an outstanding result for us and I am very proud of the work that was put in by all of the members of the party. It was a true group effort from writing the manifesto to campaigning on the issues that matter to the British public.

Leafy_Emerald, Conservative Leader

akc8, the Leader of New Britain, said:

New Britain is very proud to have every one of our candidates win a seat this general election, and builds a great platform for us moving forward. In a tight parliament our two seats could be vital and we will be working to get the most bang for our buck with our seats for our voters in the West Midlands. The whole country saw what we could do with zero seats last term, and we will look to better than this.

akc8, Leader of New Britain

The Principal Speaker of the Green Party also responded:

I am pleased that we have retained the seats we did, and vow to make whatever changes are required to regain faith in our eco-socialist vision

zombie-rat, Principal Speaker of the Green Party

The Daily Telegraph would like to thank zombie-rat for the interactive coalition graphs.

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