Exclusive: Tory – LPUK Coalition Agreement

In an explosive leak to The Telegraph, policies of a potential Conservative-LPUK Government have emerged.

The document, seen exclusively by this paper, shows plans to slash Tobacco duty by 10%, Alcohol duty cut by 50% in pubs and 25% in shops and levy a new prescription charge on all but the least well off patients and students at £10.

Amongst other things, there is an attack on free school meals, a pledge to decrease Vehicle Excise Duty and a commitment to raise Carbon Tax.

A surprising lack of detail on immigration suggests common ground on the nitty gritty could not be reached, when compared with the immigration proposals set out in the Conservative – Classical Liberal – New Britain agreement. A vague commitment for a “points based system” is all that is reported on this area.

The Coalition agreement says the Common Fisheries Policy will be replaced with something which gives British boats the sole access to fishing in the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone around Britain.

One interesting measure that caught the eye of this paper was a commitment to review GPs pay. It is widely known that the LPUK demanded a cut to GPs pay in Liberal Alliance talk following the last election, and whilst no details have been released it could be that this is very much on the cards.

Sources from both parties are split on whether or not this policy will lead to a cut in GPs pay. One said that “anything and everything is on the table”, whilst the other said they “do not think” cuts will take place. Nobody I have spoken to in either parties have denied that this is a possibility.

Both leadership teams were contacted but declined to comment for this story.

This article was written in my capacity as a journalist, and not as an MP or member of the Classical Liberal Leadership

4 thoughts on “Exclusive: Tory – LPUK Coalition Agreement”

  1. The document mentioned in this article looks more like a hacked UKIP manifesto, it even has a picture of UKIP MEP Mr Woolfe in it. Whatever it is, it’s a spoof or fake and nothing to do with the LPUK. The most recent LPUK one is here… https://libertarianpartyuk.com/manifesto-2017/ …and their next one is currently being finalised. There is no truth to the notion that the LPUK and Tories are in coalition.


    1. Hey, perhaps one of us should explain. This is from a simulation of model politics on reddit /r/mhoc

      And yes, I agree, the Blurple coalition agreement mentioned above does look more UKIP then Libertarian!

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    2. I would like to have thought something like “Model Telegraph” gave it away, but this is part of a sim on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/MHOC/) where we play politics for fun… and write press stuff too. WordPress is just an easy place to host.

      Nice to see that someone stumbles across these things!


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