ThreeCommas Presents Hot Ones: International Roulette

The Foreign Office appeared empty today, as spokespersons kept to themselves, huddled together and gave little away.

Welcome to Hot Ones the show with hot politics and even hotter questions, I’m your host ThreeCommas of the Telegraph. Today as the world heats up we have a round table on foreign affairs. I hoped to have the Foreign Minister Tommy1Boys on today but he proved too busy so we will be updating the article when he is able to respond. From Iran to China the world is in turmoil. How will the UK respond to these hot issues, well stay tuned to find out.

First up is a firecracker that as slowly been burning for a while now but now has exploded. We rank it a 10,000 on the Scoville scale. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has resigned lambasting his former coalition partner Salvini and the League Party as “opportunistic” after they tabled a motion of no confidence against the government. With the future of the country uncertain and no parties currently able to command a majority, elections might happen as soon as early October. With the collapse of the government, one of the European largest economies is plunged into chaos and turmoil. When asked what the crisis in Italy might mean for Brexit talks or future British-Italian relations, the Foreign Office was unable to comment.

Next up is Hong Kong coming in hot with a Scoville level of 50,000. For weeks now, protesters have taken to the streets of the financial hub demanding more rights, free elections and ultimately to stop China from encroaching on their island. China on the meanwhile while not taking direct action has strongly rebuked the protests and has censored any mention of them in the mainland. In fact, many Chinese celebrities have come out against the protesters with eerily similar pictures and captions, prompting fears of a propaganda campaign by China. Further evidence revealed that China has been promoting massive disinformation campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. This paints a grim view of things to come as China clamps down on the press and thousands of troops pour into the region. This morning news broke that Simon Cheng a worker at the British Consulate in Hong Kong had gone missing after being detained at the border. Reports indicate that people were routinely stopped and searched for any sort of material considered suspicious at the border including photo or news about the protests. Before he went missing on August 8, he texted his girlfriend to pray for him, which has heightened fears concerning his safety. When asked by the Telegraph to comment, the Foreign Office told us it was busy at the moment and would respond tomorrow.

Iran is burning issue but one that appears to be sizzling out so it ranks 500,000 on Scoville scale. The Foreign Office released a press statement on the release of the Iranian vessel Grace One which would not transport oil to Syria according to Iran. The Iranians also promised to release the British flagged Stena Impero but gave no time frame. When asked to comment on when the ship would be freed, as you might have guessed was unable to comment. However, the Ministry has promised to give a statement before the House of Commons tomorrow and then give interviews.

Our last hot button issue is one so hot it’s topping the scale at over 1,000,000 Scovilles: Kashmir. There has already been an urgent question called in the House and tensions only seem to be escalating. Since India’s decision to repeal Article 370 which gave the disputed region of Kashmir special rights there has been anger in Kashmir and Pakistan. Today it emerged Pakistan would seek the intervention of the ICJ against India and citizens in the province has been blockading India troops from coming in. As the world’s most militarized zone once again brings two nuclear-armed states to the brink yet again the Foreign Office was unable to comment today. In the meanwhile, we will wait to see events unfold and the urgent motion to be answered.

That’s it for today, I will be updating the article when the Foreign Office responds and keeping an eye for more spicy news. I would like to thank the Foreign Minister for his work behind the scenes and will eagerly look forward to talking with him whenever he has the time so I can actually ask some questions. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you on another edition of Hot Ones.

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