Saunders16 admitted into Liberal Democrats despite bullying investigation ongoing

Saunders16, the former Chancellor and Leader of the SDP has been allowed into the Liberal Democrats

With things appearing to quieten down in Westminster and the dust settling over Saunders16 resignation, the former Chancellor has been admitted into the Liberal Democrats which will no spark some criticism from the Classical Liberals and other political pundits. The Leader Of The Opposition eelsmaj99 told the telegraph that its “astonishing that he reapplied to join sunrise after leaving it in such a dramatic fashion and astonishing that the Lib Dems would take them back given all the recent events surrounding him:

The LPUK’s seimer1234 has submitted a motion calling for an independent inquiry  under the terms of the 2005 Inquiries Act increasing pressure on the government to be transparent about what the Prime Minister knew. The government have been vague and reluctant to answer questions on the matter of the inquiry however the press learned that the government will be conducting their own internal inquiry and it is unclear whether they will support opposition calls for an independent inquiry or the process of their internal inquiry.

The Liberal Democrats have clearly taken a gamble by admitting saunders16 before the government review takes place indicating the review is either unlikely to find anything incriminating perhaps calling its integrity into question or alternatively that the Liberal Democrats simply don’t care about the results of the inquiry now that the issue appears to have died down. The Liberal Democrats have been internally struggling for activity, even polling below the SDP recently so the addition of saunders16 could be a big boost to the party. Saunders gave the telegraph a statement on his decision to join the Lib Dems

My first priority is serving my constituents in Highland and Grampian. I was elected on a positive, moderate message and I will keep fighting for my vision for the country alongside like-minded individuals. The Liberal Democrats have always been close friends of mine, and after talks and a lot of consideration, I now believe that they have the resources and plan required to be the strong, moderate force this country needs – a force that it is now clear the SDP is not going to become any time soon. – Saunders 16

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