Liberal Democrats attempt to derail inquiry into bullying as former Chancellor admitted to the party

/u/TheNoHeart has privately voiced opposition in cabinet meetings to an inquiry into /u/Saunders16’s conduct, the Telegraph learns.

What in the world is the benefit?


The Telegraph has learned the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, former Prime Minister and former leader of the Liberal Democrats, /u/TheNoHeart, has passionately opposed the Government’s inquiry and opposition calls for an independent inquiry over allegations of bullying in government. When speaking about a potential inquiry he told cabinet that it’d “prolong the scandal” and “only damage” the Government. Going further to say of the inquiry, “what in the world is the benefit?” This is a damning piece of evidence showing that /u/TheNoHeart doesn’t care about the Chancellor’s behaviour, his rude remarks or ableist language and is only concerned with saving the Government’s reputation.

The allegations of bullying were first made by the former Housing Secretary. Speaking to The Times, /u/RhysDallen described berating of government members and the derogatory use of the term “retarded” by the former Chancellor, going further to describe him as a “bully boy”. The former Classical Liberal Minister, /u/Zygark, described him on Sunday as “extremely unpleasant to deal with at worst.” and “vague and unhelpful at best.”

On Tuesday, a government spokesperson confirmed “an internal inquiry into the behaviour of the former Chancellor” was being conducted, going further to say “ableist language has no place in our politics”. The spokesperson refused to comment further “to allow the inquiry to run its course without interference.”

/u/Saunders16 was controversially admitted into the Liberal Democrats and the comments from Mr Hart will only fuel to opposition attacks against the Liberal Democrats. The most incriminating piece of evidence yet came when /u/TheNoHeart argued that an inquiry would be an “especially bad idea” because /u/Saunders joining presumingly provided concrete evidence that the Liberal Democrats aren’t concerned whether the Chancellor is an alleged bully. If you want concrete proof the Liberal Democrats are trying to hide and bury the truth then here it is.

Opposition members have suggested the Government and Liberal Democrats don’t care about the Chancellor’s behaviour, and to date there has been no evidence to back these claims until now. The Telegraph’s anonymous source has told us that Mr Hart was the only Liberal Democrat to speak on the matter.

The Government have claimed they are taking the disdainful actions of the former Chancellor seriously. Many will wonder how anyone can believe them when senior party figures are trying to hide the truth to save their own skin.

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