Telegraph: “Tired, Stressed and Rather Ill”. Vitiating to resign as Clib Deputy Leader

Written by Seimer, Telegraph Journalist

In a stunning leak to the Telegraph this evening, we can reveal Sunrise have been hit by yet another resignation, with Vitiaing to resign as deputy leader of the Classical Liberals.

The deputy leader, who is also Justice Secretary, is seen as the favourite to be future leader of the party. The resignation comes as another blow to the government, who have already suffered 11 resignations from cabinet and the loss of their majority.

In the resignation statement of Vitiating, he describes the action as being necessary for his party and his health. He says he “has ceased to relish his leadership duties” and that they have become a “burden”. He describes Sunrise as an “added weight”, and says he has become “tired, stressed and rather ill”.

With the Saunders crisis, and a government under fire, this is another story they certainly don’t need. At the moment, it’s unclear if he will stay on as Justice Secretary. Who the next Deputy Leader will be is uncertain, with CountBrandenburg among the possible candidates.

Vitiating declined to provide a comment for the article.

The classical liberals declined to comment.

Vitiating’s statement to his party

So, this is an announcement I never expected to be making. However, I feel it is necessary not only for the party but for my own health. For the past month, I have ceased to relish in the conducting my leadership duties. They were once a pleasure, but they turned into a burden. With the added weight of Sunrise, I have become tired, stress and rather ill. It is time I put my own health above all. So therefore, it is with deep regret that I announce that after the conclusion of the incoming leadership election, I shall tender my resignation as Deputy Leader. This also means that I am precluding myself from the said leadership election.

Vitiating, former deputy leader

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