Sunrise divides on British Steel open up, as Deputy Prime Minister comes out against government policy.

A recent debate in the Commons saw Lib Dem MPs attack the Government takeover of British Steel.

Cabinet divides on the policy set out by now former Chancellor of the Exchequer CDocwra have hit new heights today, with Deputy Prime Minister and Classical Liberal Leader Tommy1Boys coming out against the policy, and hinting at a possible Clib exit from government. 

In a brief chat with a Telegraph journalist, Tommy1Boys said the former Chancellor become unaligned with Classical Liberal policy, and that the proposed “nationalisation” did not command the support of a majority of the party. The DPM said he did not believe it was the right policy, and that while he was open to looking at other options on the table to save jobs, he did not believe putting a “plaster” on the issue was in the national interest. He informed us that he has spoken with the Treasury to facilitate talks with private buyers, and would speak to the Work and Welfare Secretary to ensure communities were ready should job losses become “unavoidable”. 

These comments mark a significant split in the government on this issue, especially with the DPM describing the takeover as a nationalisation, which Labour have been quick to deny. In a separate answer, Tommy appeared to suggest a possible Classical Liberal exit from coalition, saying that the “time had come” for the party to examine its “conscience”. He stated that the national interest must come ahead of his personal and his party’s interests.

These comments present the most definitive and clear-cut case of a public divide in Sunrise, and comes after a tough week in the Commons, where the Government Steel policy was nailed by Liberal Democrat backbenchers. It is unclear what way Sunrise intends to go forward, however it is clear this is a make or break moment for the coalition. 

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