Deputy Prime Minister seeks “changes to the agenda of the government” with party considering Clexit

Speaking exclusively to the Telegraph, Deputy Prime Minister and Classical Liberal leader, /u/Tommy1Boys, described ‘problems which need to be addressed’ when asked if he will vote to leave the Sunrise coalition. Going further to say he ‘[wants] to see changes to the agenda of the government and it’s workings’, ‘a government with no real agenda that it can implement is a government not fit for office.’

On Thursday the Government’s controversial nationalisation agenda took another blow, with the Classical Liberal leader describing the National Grid Bill as ‘a step [too] far’. The Government has also suffered a defeat with the Steel Nationalisation Motion finding the support of the House of Commons, urging the Government to ‘drop plans to partially nationalise British steel’. It is unclear if the Government intends to abide by this motion, with a spokesperson refusing to comment.

The Deputy Prime Minister also poured cold water on a potential Conservative takeover of Number 10, when asked if he would support a vote of no confidence. Insisting, he is ‘not sure’ of ‘ushering the [Conservatives] into power’ until they ‘return to their one nation days under Cameron’.

In the event of Clexit, the Classical Liberals formally withdrawing from the governing coalition, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats would be expected to remain in government. Speaking of the transition out of government, /u/Tommy1Boys expressed a desire to ‘ensure the country has stability’ yet his priority is to allow the governing parties to discuss if there’s a ‘way forward’.

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