Clexit looms as Deputy Prime Minister votes to leave Sunrise, citing Labour frustration

The Telegraph understands the internal vote of Classical Liberal members, to decide whether the party will remain in the governing Sunrise coalition, began on Sunday. Deputy Prime Minister Tommy1Boys described the poll as “a tough call” but told The Telegraph he “voted to leave the coalition.” Going further to describe the Prime Minister as “an honourable man… but this coalition is no longer working”, expressing frustration at the Labour Party which cannot “feasibly coalition with another party” which share “big differences.”

When approached for comment, a Labour Party spokesperson made clear the Labour Party “respectfully disagrees with the notion put forward by the Deputy Prime Minister” and “is saddened at the prospect of the coalition experience of Sunrise coming to a close before we had hoped… when necessary we have always tried to seek compromise.”

However, outspoken Classical Liberal Minister TheWalkerLife told The Telegraph he had voted to support the Sunrise coalition and does “not believe that any decision to pull out of the coalition stands in the national interest”.

The Deputy Prime Minister also spoke of the resignation of the former Secretary of State for Work and Welfare, accused on Sunday of plagiarism in a statement made in the House of Commons. Accusing pavanpur04 of “[misleading] the House” and describing his departure as “welcome” and “good for the country”, citing “Classical Liberal pressure” in forcing the resignation of the Labour peer.

Addressing the second resignation of Sunday, that of veteran politician and minister Vitiating, Tommy1Boys described the former Classical Liberal as “a friend and his service to the party won’t be forgotten.” Vitiating had served as Minister of State for Exiting the European Union; responsible for the Government’s controversial white paper on the Future Relationship with The European Union published on Saturday. Labour Member of Parliament SmashBrosGuys2933 described the paper as an “embarrassment”. The Deputy Prime Minister dismissed the paper as “not good enough”, insisting “we will be exploring how to allow the House to have full scrutiny of the Brexit agreement negotiated so far.”

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