Blurple strikes back! Voters punish former parties of Government in newest poll

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Libertarian Party UK, /u/Friedmanite19, will have much to celebrate in early December polling.

Newest polling, commissioned on behalf of the Telegraph, suggests a decline in support for the governing parties of the former Sunrise Coaltion. The Conservative Party and Libertarian Party UK were the biggest winners, with a moderate increase in support for both the Loyalist League and the Yorkshire Party.

Conservative Party31.09 (+1.43)
Labour Party21.30 (-1.98)
Libertarian Party15.20 (+1.74)
Liberal Democrats11.98 (-0.66)
Classical Liberals8.95 (-1.38)
Loyalist League2.65 (+0.22)
Democratic Reformist Front 2.51 (-1.16)
The People’s Movement1.75 (+0.14)
Other1.50 (+0.34)
Yorkshire Party1.16 (+0.25)
Plaid Cymru0.60 (-0.25)

If the General Election were held today, who would you vote for?

Polling is provided by the Commons Speaker and may be considered canon.

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