Proposed Conservative-Classical Liberal merger confirmed as agreement emerges

On Sunday The Model Telegraph received the document outlining the merger between the Conservatives and Classical Liberals from an anonymous source, with further sources corroborating the story.

This agreement, which can be found here integrates all branches of the Classical Liberals into the Conservative and Unionist party including the newly formed Unionist Liberals into their respective Conservative counterparts, it also terminates all agreements previously made by the Classical Liberals fully integrating the Liberals into the Conservative Party. It remains unclear if such an agreement would cause the Government of Scotland and Wales to collapse.

However, not everything is looking bleak for the Liberals especially in regards to the devolved administrations of Scotland where Duncs11 will become the Leader of Scottish conservatives with _paul_rand_ becoming his deputy and Wales with HiddeVdV96 becoming the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, whilst also being appointed their third deputy Leader alongside Zygark and CheckMyBrain11. 

The agreement requires a supermajority of both Classical Liberal and Conservative members to consent to it through a vote, according to our sources said vote is being held right now and will end on as soon as Monday. The deal may still be rejected by the membership of either party, the possibility of that is quite high in the Classical Liberals as many of their left-leaning members will most likely choose to reject the deal. 

All in all the agreement empowers the Tories at the expense of Classical Liberals and is likely to provide a significant boost in the upcoming General Election, however, it is still uncertain whether the centre-right Tories will be capable of reconciling their views with the much more left-wing and Europhilic wing of the Classical Liberals, with issues such as immigration and the future relationship with the European Union having to be resolved between the newly merged parties. The agreement stipulated the party will be “committed to the values of liberal conservatism and pro-migration.”

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