CONFIRMED: Labour links arms with DRF and TPM in election pact.

The Telegraph has obtained new leaks from senior Labour sources. They confirm earlier speculation by /u/BrexitGlory in an opinion piece penned to this paper, that Labour would look to ally with infamous republicans.

The Labour leader addressed their candidates, informing them that endorsement deals had been struck with the DRF and TPM.

The Labour whip, /u/SmashBrosGuys2933 revealed to Labour candidates that he was endorsed by the DRF in Lincolnshire.

These revelations come at no surprise to most, who had already assumed Labour would side with other radical leftists. The Telegraph could not find any evidence of an official coalition deal between the parties, but as Labour looks lonely on the left, they don’t have many allies to turn to for coalition.

Internal conflict

There were further whisperings of widespread discontent within the party, including within the leadership. According to a high-ranking Labour member, an MP was heard voicing concerns over DRF leader /u/ZanyDraco; stating that the DRF leader hates them. Others questioned the leadership as to why the party was aligning with the DRF. Allegedly, one MP confronted the Labour leader in a row, claiming that even some of the leadership disagreed with the move.

The Telegraph spoke to members and leadership, asking about these rumours. All claims were denied. Members and leadership expressed having a “good working relationship” with the DRF and declined to comment on election strategy.

Official comment from Sam

When asked for an official comment on the leak, Sam responded:

Tensions with voters over Royals

Republicanism is trademark policy of both the DRF and TPM. How this squares with Labour voters in the election cannot be predicted exactly, it is likely to cause concerns with their more patriotic voter however. Labour have had secret republicans in their ranks for some time, but now they have openly endorsed a party set to take a wrecking ball to our constitution.

/u/BrexitGlory is a political pundit and journalist, active in Westminster and specialising in internal Labour party politics.

He is also a Classical Liberal Conservative MP.

Author: brexitglory

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