#GEXIII: Conservatives set for a difficult night as Sunrise- gains ground

The full projection, including list seats, can be viewed here.

A poll commissioned on the final day of campaigning on behalf of the Telegraph and conducted by the International Institute of Scientific Facts and Knowledge, found the Conservative Party likely to remain the largest force in the House of Commons – albeit diminished in size. Labour, the Libertarians, the Liberal Democrats and the Democratic Reformists would also have much to celebrate; yet with no obvious coalition able to form a majority government.

Yet it is not all bad news for the Conservatives, as they look set to sweep into the one time strongholds of the Classical Liberals in the North West and North East. Yet waning popularity nationally will almost certainly result in a disappointing tally.

The scene is set for a number of Conservative/Labour battleground constituencies, including Upper Severn and the East of England seats of Cambridgeshire and Essex. If the Libertarian Party can win the former Classical Liberal seat of Tyne and Wear, and reclaim four seats in Yorkshire, they should expect a night of celebration. Similarly, the Democratic Reformist Front will be hoping to cause an upset in London, perhaps winning its first constituency seat in West London.

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