“He has clearly broken collective cabinet responsibility and should be dismissed”: Home Secretary accused of breaching ministerial code

/u/JellyCow99 has been accused of violating cabinet collective responsibility and contradicting government policy by refusing to explain the benefits of a points-based immigration system and sharing the view of the Shadow Minister for Equalities that such a system would “potentially cripple… [specialist] middle to low skilled industries”. The comments were made during Minister’s Questions on Sunday. The Home Secretary also described points-based immigration as “known for being” “racist”, “hard-right” and “xenophobic”. Finally, the Home Secretary dismissed the claim of the Culture Secretary “that a points-based immigration system is the best way to proceed.”

When approached by the Telegraph, the Home Secretary reiterated he “[does] not support points-based immigration” but did not feel he had broken collective cabinet responsibility. An unamed cabinet minister disagreed, when asked whether the Home Secretary had violated collective cabinet responsibility, they simply relied “yes”.

A Libertarian spokesperson told the Telegraph it was clear the Home Secretary supports an “unsustainable open door policy”, that the Conservative Party was “well aware of this fact before they appointed him [as Home Secretary]” and “he has clearly broken collective cabinet responsibility and should be dismissed.”

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition agreement makes a commitment to support “points-based immigration.”

Collective cabinet responsibility is a constitutional convention that demands members of the cabinet must publicly support all decisions made in cabinet. Where a member openly objects to any such decision, they are obligated to resign. Collective cabinet responsibility is traditionally mandated by the Ministerial Code.

It is unclear whether The Government will suspend collective cabinet responsibility in this instance. The Government was approached for comment but did not respond.

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