What happened to the party of Gregfest? [Op-Ed]

The Government is panicking. The old Tory boys like the Foreign Secretary think they are born to rule. Following a term of scandal, incompetence and division, preceded by terms of an increasingly moderating and milquetoast approach to governance, the British public appear to be snapping back. En masse, voters are abandoning the party that once thought of itself as the natural party of government, and choosing a new type of politics. A bold, radical party determined to deliver real change, not piecemeal reform. My party is that party. 

The Libertarian’s can absolutely overtake the Tory Party, people are tired of them and their old politics. Their stances have flip flopped countless number of times and in the bid for political power they’ve done deals with the Labour Party becoming labour-lite when it comes to economic issues. They are now in shock that centre-right voters would abandon them for a party opposed to higher taxes and reckless spending. The recent polling was a shock to the Conservatives. It should not have been. A culture of complacency, demonstrated by a government that has appointed Space Force Ministers without a strategy, ran roughshod over the union by a vindictive and abusive approach to the devolved institutions and flagrant deceiving of parliament, has set in. It has numbed them to the swelling anger in the British public. My party will listen to you, unlike the Government.

As soon as we saw the polls narrowing, we saw three bills on the docket and countless statements from ministers. Personally I do find it amusing that the Tories are now talking tough on Defence spending given infernoplato and many Tories in the last cabinet argued against more defence spending and teamed up with the marxist and anti NATO Shadow Chancellor to cancel investment into our Armed Forces. No one should trust a word the Tories say , and only the Libertarians can ensure that additional defence spending happens and that if it happens it will be well spent to benefit National security. The Tories were against VAT rises then for. For the triple lock on taxes then against. For defence investments then against then for. The fact is you can’t trust the Tories to deliver, nothing stops them doing another deal with the hard-left labour party in a bid to keep political power. We should judge the Tories by what they’ve actually done rather than what they promise.

It’s telling that this government only got off its backside when their poll numbers fell, to record lows. But this tells us what we’ve known  for a long time , that the Tories are only concerned about power and will do just about anything to get there. One term they’ll defend free market policies, the next terms they’ll do deals with marxists. People are sick of politicians who will do anything or say anything. That’s why voters are drifting to principled parties who stand on a platform and stick to it. Voters know what they are getting when they vote LPUK instead of some centrist waffle.

The Tories have given Labour ground on major issues of the day adopting their rhetoric and reasoning on the economy. Are they really shocked that Labour are rising in the polls after they have given them so much ground? The fact is that the Conservatives will never be able to out spend Labour and voters would rather opt for socialism rather than socialism lite. Given the chaos in the Labour Party it is Tory incompetence and complacency that has allowed them to rise to the top. The so-called tactical geniuses in the Tories aren’t so clever after all.

This Conservative government provides no vision for this country. Whilst I have many disagreements with Labour, at least they are upfront about what they want. It’s becoming increasingly clear that if you believe in free markets, and free enterprise, that the Tories are not the party for you. The LPUK now speaks the right wing of British politics.

When I first entered politics /u/ggeogg was very welcoming and helped me find my footing in Westminster.  To me he will always be a figure I look up and to admire. I can still remember when the then Minister without portfolio presented his plans to shake up Britain. The Conservatives and Libertarians had just delivered Brexit and now had a majority in parliament. 

For the first term in many terms the right had an opportunity. When the Tories presented their plans to me, they were not concerned by the backlash they would receive or the whining of the Labour Party. Back then the cabinet had vision and was not afraid of debate or backlash. We had a government with an ideology with a vision.

Now if the slightest controversial bill is tabled, the Tories zip their mouths.  They run away from real debate, they refuse to answer questions on what their economic ideology is. They allow Labour and TPM outrage to dictate their policy positions. This is not the same party I coalitioned with back in the first Blurple government. We need a government that is not afraid of the mob, we need a government with vision, and the courage of its convictions in private property to stand up against the left. The Conservatives are not providing it.

Only a government involving the Libertarians will present a real vision for the country and push for real change. I hope the Tory party reflects on themselves and finds a vision. I hope for the best and that in the future we can reconcile to make the positive case for free-markets and capitalism. It may after all with the parliamentary arithmetic be the Tories only path back to power.

This article was written by /u/Friedmanite19, The Leader of the Libertarian Party UK

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