Shadow Environment Secretary found guilty of assaulting police officer.

The Shadow Secretary of State for Environment Kate Kwahena was convicted of an assault on a police constable at the City of London Magistrates Court today.

The Shadow Cabinet Minister was arrested during the Nature Rebellion protests where Green Party co-leader HKNorman was also arrested. They were convicted of criminal damage, not vandalism as reported yesterday, and fined £1500 after graffiting Winston Churchill’s statue. 

Today at a trial at the City of London Magistrates Court, Kwahena pled guilty to the charge and was sentenced to do 80 hours unpaid work, alongside being prohibited from attending any protests linked to Nature Revolution for the next five months.

Kwahena admitted that she struck a police officer who had slammed her to the ground during the protest. This happened shortly after the Lord Chancellor /u/Vitiating was egged and the police converged on the protest to ensure his safe passage through the affected area.

In the closing statement, the Judge said: “I understand there were mitigating circumstances which caused you to come quick to anger. I can also see that as an MP and an upstanding member of society that you are unlikely to offend again.

“However as an MP, you are meant to be someone that people look up to in society. That means you cannot get away with striking a police officer, no matter the circumstances in which it happened.

“I also believe that if you cannot control your temper and impulses when attending a protest that it should be some time before you return to one. After this prohibition order has ended, I ask that you consider this before returning to one as if you end up back in this court on the same charge, the judge will not look on this so kindly.

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