Randomman44 loses control of Lib Dems before officially crowned as Leader

Randomman44 is the only known candidate for Lib Dem leader.

Randomman44 is expected to be crowned as Liberal Democrat Leader with no one declaring their candidacy to stand against him. Far from his promise “ to prove to the British public that Labour’s infighting has led to an incompetent opposition. “ it appears even before officially being crowned as Leader there has been a hemorrhage from those on the right of the Lib Dems to a new party called the coalition. Many political pundits expect Randomman44 to take the party towards the left and this can be seen by his declaration of war on the Libertarians in his opening pitch for the leadership, a stark change in direction from his predecessor who signed an endorsement deal with the LPUK and obtained a coalition agreement.

Amongst the defectors was former Prime Minister and Lib Dem grandee /u/TheNoHeart whose defection will no doubt come a blow. TheNoHeart’s resignation helped to topple Wagbo’s government alongside other resignations and having such a respected and trusted voice in the party leave will hurt. TheNoHeart ran an active campaign in Birmingham narrowly seeing out his Libertarian challenger but with his departure and a decline in the Lib Dem vote share all but inevitable it is plausible that the Lib Dems could lose this seat.

The biggest loss however was perhaps Deputy Leader /u/sapphirework who was a rising star in the Liberal Democrats on the political scene. She served as Justice spokesperson for the Lib Dems and was an active voice in the House of Commons and the press. There is no doubt her loss will be felt in Lib Dem HQ.  This means the Liberal Democrats are in disarray having to elect a leader and a Deputy Leader simultaneously. The Lib Dems appointed temporary replacements until the elections go ahead. 

/u/model-mili also left the party, despite only a short stint in the party, model-mili’s defection was a big win for the Lib Dems but is now short lived as he departs to join the coalition. Model-mili’s presence could have helped the Lib Dems broaden their appeal 

The coalition will be headed by Brookheimer and has attracted big ticket names such as former leader of the Labour Party /u/Nukemaus and the outgoing Prime Minister, /u/Yukub. Most of the members in it are experienced with several ex leaders of major parties being members, including four former Prime Ministers. The party is positioning themselves between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats and will no doubt damage both parties taking active members from both parties.

This spells a tumultuous start for Randomman44’s Leadership and tough times ahead from the Lib Dems who have lost several active members including their former Leader who went to be speaker, two former Prime Ministers and their Deputy Leader.

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