Government under siege as new leaks surface – developing story

A meme sent to the Telegraph by one of its readers

Written by Harry Johnson

A new round of leaked statements have been made available to the Telegraph after the leaking of the government’s proposed Brexit strategy. Chief of them being leaks pertaining to the sacking of the former DEFRA secretary who has been expelled from cabinet after being accused of leaking from cabinet  With these new leaks surfacing it appears that these accusations have been put in doubt as according to a member of government who has requested to remain anonymous no evidence has been provided to cabinet as of the time of writing this article.(M: as per request we are not posting minutes publicly ,but are willing to share them with quad if there is a need to verify)

Moreover leaked minutes from a different source show that the government’s communications department has ordered a total radio silence due to fears of further leaks as shown by these minutes. 

 More interestingly leaks have also occurred regarding minimum wage as it appears that the government will raise the minimum wage to £12  despite Conservative objections to a lower rate under the Blurple government.

It is interesting to note that the government is avoiding internal debate ,opting to have the discussion on minimum wage within closed-off leadership channels. Ministers also propose negotiating with the Conservatives in bad faith in order to get the Tories to vote for something they had opposed under Blurple.

Judging by these newly released documents it appears as if the government is concerned about the growing backlash over leaked minutes. Moreover, the Telegraph is also aware of rumours that the investigation carried out by the Foreign and Northern Irish Secretaries found no conclusive evidence linking the DEFRA Secretary and that it is based upon potentially unreliable information from Libertarian members. Regardless of the validity of these rumors, it appears as if the Phoenix coalition may be far less stable than originally thought.

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