NI and HCLG Secretaries miss MQs in pre-Xmas blow to government.

The struggling Phoenix government has been dealt a fresh blow just before the Christmas break, as it has emerged two Cabinet Secretaries missed their MQs session.

The first was the Liberal Democrat Housing Secretary MTFD, who failed to answer any of the 32 questions put to them. The session, which ended on the 18th of December, saw questions ranging from HMO licensing reform to the implementation of the Local Government report asked.

The second Cabinet Secretary was the Northern Irish Secretary SammySnail, who is also a member of cabinet leadership, answered just 1 of the questions asked of them. The cut off for answering was Tuesday at 10pm.

This comes after the controversy over the Stalin1953 MQs session, where 53% of initial questions were left unanswered. Questions will undoubtedly be asked over the government’s commitment to parliamentary scrutiny given this.

With parliament heading for the Christmas break, this is a demoralizing hit to a government already flagging in the polls. While they will hope to be able to regroup come January, it may be the case the cabinet is 2 members down by that stage, depending on how the opposition decide to move forward.

The LPUK gave the following comment: “The government early on in their tenure talked a big game about being accountable to parliament, anyone can now see this was lie as ministers fail to do the bare minimum expected of them and answer questions”

The Conservatives have yet to comment.

The government have yet to comment.

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