A New Government for a New Era; The Libertarians

There can be no denying that this election has been dominated thus far by two parties; not the convention ‘Labour’ vs ‘Conservative’ debate, but instead a slugging match between the Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom, and the left-wing Solidarity Party. Both of them promise startlingly different approaches to the future of this country, and role of the Government in it, and this article I will lay out to Telegraph Readers, why I think the Libertarians are the way to go.

Without a doubt the Libertarians have a proud record of delivering a strong tax package to the people of the United Kingdom, not only through their consistent approach to increasing the tax free allowance, but also through their direct tackling of ‘sin taxes’, alongside handing down a £1,000.00 reduction in National Insurance Contributions in the most resent budget. Perhaps harking back to the words of the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, before the move to the present electoral system, David Cameron, who laid out his views on taxation exceptionally clearly, the Libertarians have not deviated from their line that the money people earn, is theirs, not the Governments.

Indeed, this is a persistent line throughout this new manifesto, which opens on a commitment to ‘fiscal discipline’, a robust line to take as the country already holds one of the most competitive tax regimes in Europe. In their agenda for Government, the Libertarians outline a desire to move to a simpler tax system with a reduced number of bands, something that is almost certain to attract the interests of businessmen, and workers, up and down the country.

I believe that if people have worked hard and earned their own money, they should be able to spend it how they like. It’s your money, not the Government’s.

Former PM, David Cameron

Of perhaps greater importance is the Libertarians plan to slice VAT down to 15% – citing a desire to see a boost to economic growth and consumer spending. With cheaper shopping bills under this new policy, the VAT should win many friends across the lower and middle earners of the country, who – from their campaign messaging – appears to be their target voter base. Partner this with an ambitious scaling back of the current rates of alcohol and tobacco duties, which the party brands as ‘regressive’, and they have a tantalizing array of tax reductions on offer.

Reforms to Public Spending

Perhaps in a more radical shift, the Libertarians have also outlined their plans to put a control on public expenditure, harkening back to the Reagan-Thatcher style approach to viewing Government programs with some degree of skepticism. Seeking to lower the debt-to-gdp ratio in each budget, the Libertarians clearly strive for a small, concentrated state, that can intervene where necessary in the lives of its people.

No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!

Ronald Reagan

Promising to privatize the BBC, in an increasingly more competitive online space for media, Friedmanite19 commits to a scaling back of wasteful Government spending across the board, with a sound economic approach that would bring billions of wasteful spending back under control.

One of the programs facing the axe this time around is the Childcare policy that the Tories bought in. A middle class perk, that effectively drove the cost up on all families in the country, so they could support middle class families who did not ask for the support in the first place, would bring spending down to ‘Cameron Era Levels’, something set to get the heart racing for many.

All in the Libertarians promise a sleek state, with a low tax burden across the board, promising hundreds in tax cuts on the lowest earners, whilst unshackling the British economy in the process.

For businessmen, workers, homeowners and pensioners – the libertarian manifesto is one to get behind.

A Plan for the Environment

But it is not just on economic matters that the Libertarian Party have a strong platform to go on. Seeing nuclear power as the path to a a sustainable energy sector, the party says it will partner with the private sector to attract investment, as we transition into a green economy.

Environment Spokesperson, Womble commented saying “We have always had a bold approach to conserving the natural world, which, when partnered with the plans we have for rewilding (which we are seeing in Wales at the moment) ensure that we leave a greener and more pleasant land for the next generation.”

Whilst the election rages on, the LPUK continue to campaign on their tested lines, presenting a fully costed plan for the future of this country, that we would be wise to back.

The Marquess of Cearnarfon is a Libertarian Peer and Candidate in the General Election. The views here are his and his alone.

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