Far-left deal reached as parties scramble for number 10

Written by Harry  Johnson and Tres Commas

On the back of the leaked Groko, the Telegraph has obtained documents revealing a coalition deal between Solidarity, Labour and the WNP with a C+S agreement from the PWP. If formed this would represent the strongest leftist government seen in recent times. The deal sees Solidarity leader motelblinds as Prime Minister, while current PM Youma will become DPM. The deal contains a multiple of policies which are far-reaching and radical but without a clear majority in the Commons how much of this will actually be passed is still in question. 

The breakdown of cabinet can be found here: 

Prime Ministermotelblinds
Deputy Prime MinisterYoumaton
First Secretary of Stateohprkl
Minister for the Cabinet Office, Paymaster GeneralSolidarity
Secretary of State for EqualitiesLabour
Chancellor of the ExchequerSolidarity
Chief Secretary to the Treasury (attending Cabinet)Labour
Secretary of State for the Home DepartmentLabour
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth AffairsSolidarity
Assistant Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (attending cabinet)Labour
Secretary of State for International TradeLabour
Minister of State for European Affairs (attending cabinet)Labour
Secretary of State for International DevelopmentSolidarity
Secretary of State for DefenceSolidarity
Minister of State for Cybersecurity (attending cabinet)Labour
Secretary of State for Business and Economic DevelopmentSolidarity
Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for JusticeLabour
Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and SportLabour
Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local GovernmentSolidarity
Minister of State for the Northern Powerhouse (attending cabinet)Solidarity
Secretary of State for the Environment, Food, and Rural AffairsSolidarity
Secretary of State for Energy and Climate ChangeSolidarity
Secretary of State for Workers and Trade UnionsSolidarity
Secretary of State for EducationLabour
Secretary of State for TransportSolidarity
Secretary of State for Health and Social CareSolidarity
Secretary of State for ScotlandSolidarity
Secretary of State for WalesArchism_
Secretary of State for Northern IrelandLabour
Lord President of the Council, Leader of the House of CommonsSolidarity
Lord Privy Seal, Leader of the House of LordsLabour
Chief Whip (Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury)Solidarity
Lords Chief Whip (Captain of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms)Labour
Attorney General for EnglandSolidarity
Solicitor General for EnglandLabour
Chancellor of the Duchy of LancasterLabour
Chief MouserBubbles

On the economy there appears to be a lack of clarity as to what sort of measures the socialist government would undertake to balance the books. There is no mention of income and corporate taxes nor VAT ,with the only exception being proposed devolution of Land Value Taxes which would see a significant chunk of government revenue slashed. Moreover the document also refers to several tremendous increases in expenditure such as the near trebling of the international development budget to 2% of the GDP , nationalisation of water and energy services and other endeavours such as the construction of 3 million council homes as well as a “transition to Green Economy”.  All in all the proposed agreement sets out no clear plan as to how to adequately address the eye watering costs of its proposals let alone how to pass them.

The Home Department front there is set to be major changes to immigration. The government plans to scrap the points-based immigration system and grant amnesty for non-criminal undocumented migrants in the UK. They will also stop using detention centers for any non-violent immigration violations. They also intend to pursue Freedom of Movement for persons and goods in the Commonwealth. This is sure to raise a few alarm bells in Westminster due to its vagueness and potentially to once again put the UK back in a supranational agreement with no control over our borders. 

The Solidarity-led government will also oversee many nationalizations. The government plans to nationalise busing and rail. The costs of such a plan is expected to run into the hundreds of billions. Another plan is to mandate a four day four week which is expected to damage the economy by 85 billion and impact government services like the police and NHS. There is also the proposal to nationalise all PFI debts ,totalling over a quartet of a trillion pounds.

While practically all departments are set to received drastic increases in expenditure with the only major exemption being the Ministry of Defence , which is set to see its budget slashed back down to 2% of the GDP putting national defence effectively on par with international development.The MOD is set to find its resources stretched thin under this deal as the authors also propose new spending initiatives under the Ministry such as a  National Defence Industry Plan and National Shipbuilding Scheme both of which would likely require the addition of new resources to the ministry. They also plan to give back the Chagos Islands, a very contentious subject and since the Tories and LPUK backed a deal making sure Parliament had a say in all territal handovers it is unclear how the government will manage this without a Commons majority. 

They also plan to commit 2% of GDP to international aid which is expected to be over 40 billion pounds. In addition to the plan to limit England to just one free port is sure to damage the UK’s international trade abilities. 

On the education front, the government will ban all grammar schools and impose state control. This is a move against public opinion as evidenced by the results of the general elections and polling carried out by Yougov. 

A notable omission from this deal is the brexit deal and the controversial Irish border protocol , which may very well appear to be the most problematic of this deal so far as Solidarity and the SDLP both have demanded that the protocol be amended ,with the latter opting to collapse the Northern Irish Executive, while Labour helped author that very deal. It is interesting to see how the socialist government would try to tackle the issue at hand.

Continuing on with the apparently contradictory trade policy the broad-left government is set to pursue a trade agreement with the USA A move which no doubt will cause controversy amongst the leftist orthodoxy  and a significant portion of Solidarity electorate who voted in Solidarity on the promise of challenging the United States.


The deal presents a series of bold and radical policies that are likely to unsettle the more moderate Labourites especially in the light of Labour attacks on Solidarity last term. Much also remains to be seen on the issue of Brexit where there appears to be a significant gap between the Solidarity Party and their Labour partners.The question now appears to be whether  Solidarity could exert enough influence over its junior coalition partners to force them to go back on their own deal.

A budget appears to be another sticking point given the current center and center-right makeup of the parliament as well as the enormous costs attached to the government’s plans with no clear proposal to pay for them.

While the plan is ambitious how much of it can be implemented is in the air due to the current arithmetic in Parliament. Concessions will have to be made with the government cutting deals with the Lib Dems , the Tories  or Coalition. 

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