PM apologises for Minister’s comments on cabinet’s first day.

Prime Minister motelblinds unveiled his cabinet today, laying out the team he will be making responsible for delivering on the government’s radical agenda.

Among the appointments already gaining controversy are those of HKNorman, to Housing Secretary, and Alvarolage, to Transport Secretary, as comments made yesterday, one which was deleted subsequently, have resurfaced, showing the pair appearing to offer some support for the actions of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

The comments were made underneath the announcement of the “Provisional PPUK” a splinter organization from the PWP. Alvarolage made the first comment, saying “The provos are back at it”, a reference to the nickname the “provos” given to members of the Provisional IRA. 

The controversial comments come after this, with HKNorman replying “the wrong side of history this time”, apparently implying the PIRA had been on the  right side. Alvarolage agreed with this assessment, replying “indeed” to HKs comment.

Reaction was immediate, with Seimer1234 asking “are you serious”, and eelsemaj22 asking “what are you on about”. After this reaction, HKNorman attempted to cover-up the comments by deleting them.

The PIRA, which the pair appeared to have been offering support for, was a terrorist organisation on the island of Ireland which killed 1,700 people.

The Prime Minister gave the following comment: 

“Those comments were regrettable mistakes which I have addressed to the respective Secretaries, the Provisional IRA were terrorists and they are no friends of this Government.”

An OO Spokesperson gave the following comment:

“The comments made by these two now Cabinet Secretaries are beyond the pale. For a party whose NI branch is the SDLP, a party who continuously showed the PIRA were on the wrong side of history throughout the Troubles, such comments are deeply saddening. Both Ministers should apologise for them and apologise to the victims of the PIRA as soon as possible”

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