Chancellor proposes blackmailing Lib Dems in shock leaks

Written by Harry Johnson for the Telegraph

After a tough week for the government and questions being raised about whether the government is serious about governing the country, a series of transcripts have been leaked to the Telegraph illustrating the complete and utter turmoil in the cabinet at the time. 

Within the transcripts, members of the cabinet have resorted to derogative comments, calling the Leader of The Opposition a “self-obsessed manchild”, in addition, with  the Business Secretary claiming that “the centrists aren’t stupid enough to vonc us” and the Prime Minister  agreeing. Some ministers have also argued that it’s best to “ignore them”, showing a lack of respect for the C! And Liberal Leaderships.

The transcripts also indicate that at the time of the nationalisation the government believed the Conservatives supported nationalisation of the OneWeb system, despite the Defence Secretary claiming they did not. Alarmingly the leaks indicate that the government willingly nationalised the OneWeb company believing that they could simply get away with it, thinking the Conservatives would back the initiative and that the Libertarians would not choose to move a vote of no confidence.

Even more alarming is the fact that the Chancellor  suggested blackmailing the Liberal Democrat leadership ““if they are going to flip we need to make it public”  in what appears to be an attempt to force them to back the Britconnect initiative despite questions being raised about the scheme’s viability. The Chancellor also said that “allowing people to shank us is not a good precedent”, implying that they have every intention of making private conservations with party leaders public should they not back government policy. The extent of the blackmail material possessed by the government is not known at this time, but anyone doing business with the government and the Chancellor would do well to avoid sharing confidential information if these threats are to be believed.

The Liberals are not the only people on the Chancellor’s bad side however  as there also appears to be a conflict brewing between the Chancellor and the Prime Minister with the duo being allegedly split on FTPA repeal and now the Chancellor pushing for private conversations between the Liberals and the government to be used as bargaining chips, with the PM disagreeing claiming that it would be “terrible precedent”. 

Questions have also been raised about the competency of government Ministers behind the Britconnect initiative as they appear to have thought that the network, which currently has no military value whatsoever and is unlikely to ever will. In effect the government has spent close to half a billion pounds on a civilian internet network, thinking that they were purchasing navigation and intelligence satellites. 

With the government being accused of ignoring Parliament and these leaks painting an even more unfavourable picture of the government it may be high-time for Parliament to ask itself whether it wishes to see this sort of governance continue…

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