Cabinet Sources describes Opposition’s anti-China positions as “anti-communist” and “racist

Following the leak of the Osaka Accords to the press there has been many questions regarding the documents and the future of British foreign policy. Once the news broke the Osaka Accords came under scrutiny and criticism. Other parties quickly highlighted the bureaucratic nature of the organization which mirrored aspects of the EU and UN, the spending requirements, and the democracy index which relied on the Economist’s rankings which would see several key founding members being downgraded. To gain more clarity on the Accords, Tommy2Boys of Coailtion submitted an Urgent Question on the subject to Parliament. 

Despite the criticism of the Osaka Accords, Foreign Secretary, ARichTeaBiscuit, stood by the accords saying that “I am currently in the process of formalising the agreement” and “I believe that the Osaka Accords will provide the world with a valuable tool to use to strengthen democracy and fight back against the tide of authoritarianism. I think it will strengthen the rule of law and Britain’s place in the world and I hope that the Conservative Party will come around to support it.”

However, now statements from a senior government member suggest that there is unrest regarding the accords from inside the government. When asked their thoughts on the Accords they answered  “I think that the Osaka accords are mainly one: counterproductive.” They acknowledged the threat posed by China and the need to combat them but dismissed the Osaka Accords as the right way to do that saying “The People’s Republic of China is a nation that has committed countless crimes and countless breakings of human law. However, pushing China into a corner won’t help – pressure only spawns counterpressure.” The solution they proposed instead rest “relaxing the relations to China to establish productive cooperation of our nations,” and instead we should use trade embargoes and work with NGOs to “fight of a democratic and socialist future for China.”

They blamed the Tories and other parties saying that they didn’t “care about China’s human rights abuses” and said “the Conservative party and certainly a number of other parties like it, the current Regime would be replaced by just another right-wing libertarian, capitalist and possibly authoritarian government. The Conservatives don’t care about China’s authoritarianism; they care about China’s socialism and how it is a seen threat to the current way of life in Britain.” The Osaka Accords they said was a product of this belief and that “The Osaka Accords are an effort to emphasize the struggle between “democratic” capitalism and “authoritarian” socialism.”

They said they believed the anti-China sentiment was rooted in “in a fervent anti-communism, but also in racism.” When asked what the UK should do instead they answered that we should not support “right-wing groups like Fulan Gong and but instead larger populist movements.” Also, they said the Osaka Accords should be stripped of its military aspects and just focus on trade and cooperation with NGOs.” They finished by saying they didn’t support the Accords and if given the chance would vote against it. It would seem despite Foreign Secretary’s support for the Osaka Accords internally government support for the Accords is in doubt.

Written by Tres Commas Special Correspondent for the Telegraph

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