Randomman44 loses control of Lib Dems before officially crowned as Leader

Randomman44 is the only known candidate for Lib Dem leader.

Randomman44 is expected to be crowned as Liberal Democrat Leader with no one declaring their candidacy to stand against him. Far from his promise “ to prove to the British public that Labour’s infighting has led to an incompetent opposition. “ it appears even before officially being crowned as Leader there has been a hemorrhage from those on the right of the Lib Dems to a new party called the coalition. Many political pundits expect Randomman44 to take the party towards the left and this can be seen by his declaration of war on the Libertarians in his opening pitch for the leadership, a stark change in direction from his predecessor who signed an endorsement deal with the LPUK and obtained a coalition agreement.

Amongst the defectors was former Prime Minister and Lib Dem grandee /u/TheNoHeart whose defection will no doubt come a blow. TheNoHeart’s resignation helped to topple Wagbo’s government alongside other resignations and having such a respected and trusted voice in the party leave will hurt. TheNoHeart ran an active campaign in Birmingham narrowly seeing out his Libertarian challenger but with his departure and a decline in the Lib Dem vote share all but inevitable it is plausible that the Lib Dems could lose this seat.

The biggest loss however was perhaps Deputy Leader /u/sapphirework who was a rising star in the Liberal Democrats on the political scene. She served as Justice spokesperson for the Lib Dems and was an active voice in the House of Commons and the press. There is no doubt her loss will be felt in Lib Dem HQ.  This means the Liberal Democrats are in disarray having to elect a leader and a Deputy Leader simultaneously. The Lib Dems appointed temporary replacements until the elections go ahead. 

/u/model-mili also left the party, despite only a short stint in the party, model-mili’s defection was a big win for the Lib Dems but is now short lived as he departs to join the coalition. Model-mili’s presence could have helped the Lib Dems broaden their appeal 

The coalition will be headed by Brookheimer and has attracted big ticket names such as former leader of the Labour Party /u/Nukemaus and the outgoing Prime Minister, /u/Yukub. Most of the members in it are experienced with several ex leaders of major parties being members, including four former Prime Ministers. The party is positioning themselves between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats and will no doubt damage both parties taking active members from both parties.

This spells a tumultuous start for Randomman44’s Leadership and tough times ahead from the Lib Dems who have lost several active members including their former Leader who went to be speaker, two former Prime Ministers and their Deputy Leader.

Don’t fall for Tory lies. Libertarian tax plan to save at least £500 per household

To grow Minnesota's economy, we need tax cuts from state rather ...
The overall burden of taxation will fall by £87.99 billion under a Libertarian government.

Conservative Newspaper, ‘The Monolith’ has today accused the Libertarians of wanting to raise taxes by £300 per household. Thanks to the Editors of the Telegraph, I am pleased to be able to rebuke these false claims. It is important to note that the Monolith did not question the Conservative budgetary blackhole that will be left once the one-off revenue from their proposed privatisation plans are no longer available. Indeed, the Monolith did not even pick up on the uncosted tax pledge from the Conservatives that their candidates are strongly boasting about as campaigning continues in this election.

The notion that families will pay higher taxes under the Libertarians is categorically false. 

The Monolith claimed that the LPUK planned £98bn in spending cuts and in that regard, they are correct, as the Libertarians believe that Government funding is bloated in a great many departments. However, what the Monolith didn’t tell you was the total sum of tax cuts that we have planned. The Land Value Tax rise will bring £23.38 billion. Our income tax cuts £42.79 billion. Once you add VAT and excise duties you get £75.99 billion which is greater than the planned LVT and Carbon tax increase. Once you examine the cost of tax cuts it is bizarre to see where the Monloith’s figures come from as their sums simply do not add up. 

They’ve purposefully framed misleading figures to make it look like the tax burden will rise when this could not be further from the truth.

The average household income in the UK is approximately £34,519. Under the current tax regime they would pay £2,174.32 in tax. Under the LPUK’s plans, including lifting the personal allowance threshold by 2% in line with inflation, they would only pay £1,580.51. This is a reduction of £593.81. From figures provided by the ONS  the average household will spend £2,514.31 on VAT with a rate of 17.5%. Under our plans that becomes £2,155.13. This is a reduction of £359.19. Having used the same methodology for alcohol and tobacco duty the average household will spend £310.22 less.

The Libertarians have always been upfront and honest about wanting to raise LVT, not only is it it right that we ensure wealthy landowners pay their fair share,it is an economically efficient tax and is not distortive, unlike others.

Given the overall annual rental value of land is £184 billion and there are 12 regions, it would be a fair assumption to take the third most expensive region which has an average rental value of £7,645 in the South West. ( The total average rental value here is £19 billion which is higher than the regional average of £16.67 billion so I am being very generous here). If we take this figure and take 9% of it which is the proposed tax rise we get an increase of £688.05.

Overall the average household is £575.15 better off under our plans. This is on a very generous LVT figure. If you take a considerable amount, estimated to be around half of families who do not own a home, and those who have properties further down the property ladder. In areas outside of the South England the cost of LVT will fall quite a bit providing a sizeable benefit. I am sure Libertarian candidates will make this clear as we seek to make dents into the Labour and Tory seats that are not in the South. Our plans are grounded in sound economics and will benefit the average household contrary to Monolith misleading  headlines.

We have to adopt a practical and economically focused approach to this election, and that is what the Libertarian Party is doing. 

Firmly, we understand that the money people earn is better off in their pockets – not the coffers of Government. This is why we are reducing taxation, and insisting that the Government spends the people’s money more responsibly. The choice is clear, with the Tories you get short term boosts to the public purse, with no long term economic plan in play. With Labour you get hundreds of billions of pounds of borrowing and taxation. With the Libertarians, you get an unleashed economy, with lower taxes. 

That is why our message is clear, join us and start to take your own Footsteps to Freedom.

*The figures for VAT and excise duties were derived by taking an average by the 2nd bottom quintile and 3rd quintile in Table 2 of The Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income, UK, 2018/19 by the ONS. They were then applied for MHOC figures.

This article was written by the Leader of The Libertarian Party United Kingdom, /u/friedmanite19

Criminalising Drugs Will Not Solve the Crisis [Op-Ed]

LPUK peer The Baron of Amesbury writes for the Telegraph on the subject of drugs

A petition has been garnering support in these past few days where ordinary citizens are campaigning for Parliament to prohibit the sale of hard drugs and confer strict penalties on those who do distribute hard drugs. Many families and citizens seem to support this policy due to the fact that young people these days are increasingly becoming more addicted to these drugs, sometimes with fatal effects. This has become the occurrence with Daisy Whithed, a young girl who died from overdosing on MDMA. I give my condolences to her parents, who started this petition. However, we must ask ourselves: has criminalising drugs worked?

A look back into the history of world politics will show that many governments have attempted to ban and criminalise sale, which ended up hurting those who were consuming as well. Let’s look at the War on Drugs in the United States. The criminalisation of drugs was intended to be a crackdown on the smuggling of drugs that caused the crack epidemic in the 1980s and the ongoing opioid epidemic. This policy saw the widespread arrest of people caught possessing hard drugs, irrespective of whether they desired to consume it or whether they desired to distribute it. This led to many people who had no intention of distributing drugs and who were, instead, addicted to them being arrested for virtually no reason and sentenced. Most of these arrests were disproportionately minorities who had become victims to the addictiveness of hard drugs and possessed, not to distribute, but to consume. This is just one of many examples throughout recent world history where government crackdown on drugs caused more issues and more incarceration for innocents.

Criminalising drugs will cause the same troubles here. Impoverished communities will be harassed constantly by police for housing drug dens. Addicts who were caught possessing would be imprisoned and their record blighted permanently. A blackened history means forever being unable to get jobs and earn money; eventually, they will have to live in the streets or off of welfare. Even then, banning and criminalising will not do much damage to the drug trade. Smugglers are quite experienced in transporting goods under the noses of government officials. Also, as the industry is cracked down upon by the government, more legitimate businesses will fall at risk and will either be forced to close down, be arrested, or engage in black market activity.

Overall, the premise of the petition is desirable: prevent our children and our citizens from being exposed to hard drugs and ruining, or even surrendering, their lives and livelihoods because of them. I understand, it’s difficult to see this happen in our nation. But criminalisation would have even more ramifications in terms of wrongful arrests, targeting of minority and impoverished communities, and increased black market activity. The side effects of this bitter medicine would be too hard for Britain to swallow.

This piece was written by /u/RMSteve, a Libertarian peer

Education Secretary and Welsh Tory Leader sacked as defections to the Lib Dems deal a blow to the PM

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives and Education Secretary was fired by the Prime Minister over support for a justice devolution referendum sending a shockwave through Westminster and the Senedd. This move has reasserted the Prime Minister’s authority and shows that CCHQ will stamp out any rebels. It appears that devolution is a redline when it comes to the autonomy of devolved leaders and anyone failing to toe the national parties line on devolution will follow the path of RhysGwenythIV.

The government replaced the education secretary with party loyalist and former leadership candidate BrexitGlory. This leaves BrexitGlory with four positions in government, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Financial Secretary to the Treasury and Education Secretary. The Prime Minister will be hoping that this appointment can reunite the cabinet as they head into a difficult election with the Conservatives forecasted to lose 8 seats.

RhysGwenythIV fiercely criticised the national Conservative Party in a resignation letter and said that the party is “riddled with the misconception that Wales is a joke” and that the membership “treats it as such.” He also attacked the government support for the high threshold requirement in the referendum of 75% and said that  “it is clear that the party will never fully respect democracy in Wales.” For many pundits this will confirm that the national Conservative Party is exerting control over the devolved branches to further their anti-devolution agenda in Westminster. For opposition parties Mr Gwenyth’s sacking has proved them right with the LPC seizing on his departure.

 In the removal of Mr GwenythIV, the interests of Wales have been exposed as secondary to the interests of the Westminster establishment and the Welsh Conservatives


RhysGwenythIV headed for the Liberal Democrats joining former Welsh First Minister model-willem in the party. He is yet another Classical Liberal which has left the party. The Liberal Democrats are now home to former Welsh Tory Leaders and also managed to bag the Welsh Tory Deputy Leader ohdearstudying who opted to also leave the party in solidarity with RhysGwenythIV. This also mean the party has lost an MP and an active member who was seen as a rising star by some.

The Telegraph managed to obtain a copy of ohdearstudying’s resignation letter. He also delivered serious blows to the Tory leadership.

It is with a heavy heart that I cannot continue in my position as Deputy Leader in the knowledge that the Welsh Conservatives are being cast aside and ignored for the sake of  “national policy


He also argued that the “Welsh Conservatives have been cast aside in favour of what Westminster feels is best for the party – even though it blatantly ignores the will of the People”

The Welsh Conservatives are in turmoil now losing both members of their leadership. A successor is yet to be chosen. When asked for comment ohdearstudying told the Telegraph the following:

“It seemed to me that Welsh Conservatives were seen as a proxy of the national party and they didn’t respect the leader standing up for his own principles on behalf of the People of Wales. It does not matter if the polls would not nosedive but it is about the respect for the will of the people who voted in for a significant amount of parties on the basis of the prospect of a referendum. It met the requirements in the Senedd and it felt as if we, and the Welsh People, were being undermined and ignored entirely in favour of what they claim to be a “party” decision. The Leader merely translated the concerns of the party to those higher up – hardly a crime.


There is no doubt that losing all members of the Welsh Leadership, a cabinet member, two MP’s and two AM’s will cause disruption to the Tories and disrupt the Conservatives momentum ahead of the election. However it is a risk the Prime Minister has decided was worth taking in order to tame any rebellion over devolution. Only time will tell if that gamble has paid off.

Welsh Conservative Leader u-turns on Justice referendum

In response to a motion tabled by the Libertarian Cymru the Leader Of The Welsh Conservatives has come out in favour of a justice devolution referendum. He apologised to the Welsh people that he ‘had ever tried’ to stop a referendum. In a passionate speech he said he couldn’t stand by after such a call for the referendum to deny it. He cited his political influence, David Cameron in his speech.

I’ve sat on that fact for many nights in my study and kitchen. I’ve sat wondering if I can’t truly call myself a Cameronite if I don’t do the same. The fact is I can’t.


He later condemned the turnout requirements imposed by the House Of Lords as ‘undemocratic’. He accused them of being too high and shifting the goalposts. This is a stark u-turn from the Welsh Conservatives who have forcefully opposed a referendum on Justice devolution, it also signals a huge break away from the previous stance of the Welsh Conservatives to oppose a referendum happening this term. It is believed they redlined a justice devolution referendum in talks with the Libertarians before agreeing to delay it by 5 months as a compromise position. RhysDallen only 16 days voted against a referendum on justice devolution in Westminster. Mr Dallen has conceded that he has tried to stop a referendum and has apologised for it.

When asked for comment the First Minister of Wales, /u/Secretary-Salami spoke to the Telegraph:

As the First Minister championing the justice and policing devolution referendum to be held, I am extremely pleased to see this change of stance by the leader of the Welsh Conservatives. It is only right that all parties of the Senedd accept the fact that the Welsh people have spoken loud and clear about wanting a referendum to be held. However it of course remains to be seen whether this change of stance is a personal one, or will the Welsh Conservatives and indeed the national party accept the facts and come to the same conclusion, that this is the only way to go forward. Whether you oppose or support the devolution of said powers, a referendum on the matter is the will of the people.


The Leader of the Welsh Libertarians welcomed the u-turn and congratulated Mr Dallen for “standing strong in support of his principles and throwing off the immense pressure of his counterparts in Westminster.” He told us that the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives was right to describe the amendments as undemocratic and that with his support the policing and justice referendum has a deafening mandate.

The Telegraph decided to speak to the Shadow Minister for Finance and Wales about the matter of a justice devolution referendum to see if RhysDallen’s colleagues agreed with him. He told us the following on the matter of a referendum:

I was elected to the Senedd on a clear opposition to the Justice Devolution Referendum platform. In any forthcoming referendum, as per our manifesto commitments, I will campaign for a ‘No’ vote. I intend to stick to that until such a time a new election is called with a new manifesto drafted. Whatever the result may be, the true cost of justice devolution must be made clear.


This implies that he will not support a justice devolution referendum this term, this in direct contrast to the Welsh Conservative Leader who told us they would be backing a referendum this term but only if it was “free” and “fair” and if there was  “enough time provided for all the facts to be made clear and the cases heard then a referendum is what is on order”. It is clear that the Welsh Conservatives are now divided on this matter with Mr Dallen telling the telegraph that the “The Conservative Party is a party of British Values. Chief amongst which is democracy. Every person in society views differently what their mandate is on x or y.”

The Prime Minister indicated his party in Westminster still does not support a referendum meaning that several AM’s will be taking a different stance to their Welsh Leader as they oppose a referendum this term.  This is a sizeable shift from the leader of the Welsh Conservatives which has left his party divided and could lead to him taking some flak from his Westminster counterparts. 

What happened to the party of Gregfest? [Op-Ed]

The Government is panicking. The old Tory boys like the Foreign Secretary think they are born to rule. Following a term of scandal, incompetence and division, preceded by terms of an increasingly moderating and milquetoast approach to governance, the British public appear to be snapping back. En masse, voters are abandoning the party that once thought of itself as the natural party of government, and choosing a new type of politics. A bold, radical party determined to deliver real change, not piecemeal reform. My party is that party. 

The Libertarian’s can absolutely overtake the Tory Party, people are tired of them and their old politics. Their stances have flip flopped countless number of times and in the bid for political power they’ve done deals with the Labour Party becoming labour-lite when it comes to economic issues. They are now in shock that centre-right voters would abandon them for a party opposed to higher taxes and reckless spending. The recent polling was a shock to the Conservatives. It should not have been. A culture of complacency, demonstrated by a government that has appointed Space Force Ministers without a strategy, ran roughshod over the union by a vindictive and abusive approach to the devolved institutions and flagrant deceiving of parliament, has set in. It has numbed them to the swelling anger in the British public. My party will listen to you, unlike the Government.

As soon as we saw the polls narrowing, we saw three bills on the docket and countless statements from ministers. Personally I do find it amusing that the Tories are now talking tough on Defence spending given infernoplato and many Tories in the last cabinet argued against more defence spending and teamed up with the marxist and anti NATO Shadow Chancellor to cancel investment into our Armed Forces. No one should trust a word the Tories say , and only the Libertarians can ensure that additional defence spending happens and that if it happens it will be well spent to benefit National security. The Tories were against VAT rises then for. For the triple lock on taxes then against. For defence investments then against then for. The fact is you can’t trust the Tories to deliver, nothing stops them doing another deal with the hard-left labour party in a bid to keep political power. We should judge the Tories by what they’ve actually done rather than what they promise.

It’s telling that this government only got off its backside when their poll numbers fell, to record lows. But this tells us what we’ve known  for a long time , that the Tories are only concerned about power and will do just about anything to get there. One term they’ll defend free market policies, the next terms they’ll do deals with marxists. People are sick of politicians who will do anything or say anything. That’s why voters are drifting to principled parties who stand on a platform and stick to it. Voters know what they are getting when they vote LPUK instead of some centrist waffle.

The Tories have given Labour ground on major issues of the day adopting their rhetoric and reasoning on the economy. Are they really shocked that Labour are rising in the polls after they have given them so much ground? The fact is that the Conservatives will never be able to out spend Labour and voters would rather opt for socialism rather than socialism lite. Given the chaos in the Labour Party it is Tory incompetence and complacency that has allowed them to rise to the top. The so-called tactical geniuses in the Tories aren’t so clever after all.

This Conservative government provides no vision for this country. Whilst I have many disagreements with Labour, at least they are upfront about what they want. It’s becoming increasingly clear that if you believe in free markets, and free enterprise, that the Tories are not the party for you. The LPUK now speaks the right wing of British politics.

When I first entered politics /u/ggeogg was very welcoming and helped me find my footing in Westminster.  To me he will always be a figure I look up and to admire. I can still remember when the then Minister without portfolio presented his plans to shake up Britain. The Conservatives and Libertarians had just delivered Brexit and now had a majority in parliament. 

For the first term in many terms the right had an opportunity. When the Tories presented their plans to me, they were not concerned by the backlash they would receive or the whining of the Labour Party. Back then the cabinet had vision and was not afraid of debate or backlash. We had a government with an ideology with a vision.

Now if the slightest controversial bill is tabled, the Tories zip their mouths.  They run away from real debate, they refuse to answer questions on what their economic ideology is. They allow Labour and TPM outrage to dictate their policy positions. This is not the same party I coalitioned with back in the first Blurple government. We need a government that is not afraid of the mob, we need a government with vision, and the courage of its convictions in private property to stand up against the left. The Conservatives are not providing it.

Only a government involving the Libertarians will present a real vision for the country and push for real change. I hope the Tory party reflects on themselves and finds a vision. I hope for the best and that in the future we can reconcile to make the positive case for free-markets and capitalism. It may after all with the parliamentary arithmetic be the Tories only path back to power.

This article was written by /u/Friedmanite19, The Leader of the Libertarian Party UK

Government under fire for ignoring M481

At the beginning of the term the Clegg government took the controversial decision to abolish the Minister for Veterans Affairs which had been set up in the first Blurple government. Both the Libertarians and Labour pledged in their manifestos to retain the role. Earlier in the term the MP for Black Country and LPUK Defence spokesperson tabled a motion urging the government to reinstate the position. The motion passed 48 votes to 45 with a turnout of 99%.

Since then the government has been quiet on the issue and has not responded to the motion’s passage. The Leader of the LPUK questioned the Prime Minister on this motion on the 28th May. The Prime Minister told the House of Commons that he did not believe that the appointment of a Veterans’ Minister is especially relevant or useful when such a role can be adequately fulfilled by the Secretary of State for Defence. He also said the composition of the government was best left to the government and not parliament when he justified ignoring parliament on this matter.

The appointment of a space force minister into the MOD has raised some eyebrows in Westminster and is especially controversial considering the government’s stance on the veterans affairs motion. Earlier this evening markthemonkey888 wrote a letter to the Defence Secretary attacking the government fiercely. He accused the government of using the welfare of veterans as a  political football and putting their welfare on the line. He said the government’s moves were blatantly disrespectful to veterans. 

The Telegraph asked the Leader Of The Opposition to comment and they spoke to us:

“It is quite disheartening to see that the Conservative Party have ignored the will of parliament by deciding to not follow M481 and re-establish the position of Minister of State for Veterans Affairs, however considering that previous motions haven’t been responded to in a satisfactory manner by this government in the past I am not surprised that they’ve continued to ignore M481.

At the same time I believe that the people are starting to recognise this negative attitude from the Conservatives and their recent decline in the national opinion polls indicates that people are growing tired of this behaviour and warming up to the positive vision that is being proposed by the Labour Party.”


The LPUK Defence spokesperson markthemonkey888 told the Telegraph that’s it” an absolute shame that the Tories claim to represent veterans yet purposefully ignore a motion passed by the House of Commons. The government needs to step up and start being accountable to the house and the British people”

The Defence Secretary told the Telegraph the following:

“As a former Minister for Veterans’ Affairs myself, I am capable of, and passionate, about, standing up for the rights of veterans as the Secretary of State. I have been taking a personal lead on our veterans policy and do not require a junior minister to assist in that duty.”


The government is often finding itself at loggerheads with parliament and with the tories tumbling in the polls sliding behind Labour, it’s clear they have a tough few weeks coming up ahead with a collapse in the Northern Ireland Exec and a Justice devolution referendum.  The Telegraph will be here to cover the news and turmoil in Westminster.

A rational approach to devolution [Op-Ed]

BBC Parliament - Welsh Assembly

The incumbent Conservative government has failed the United Kingdom on devolution. They have failed to learn their mistakes from the failed royal commission which led to nowhere, indeed I would argue that they refuse to learn. The Tory Party doesn’t want a lasting devolution settlement, what they want is to stop devolution at all costs. First they wanted to wait for the Senedd to speak when they thought it would rule in their favour. When it appeared the Senedd opposed the Tories anti democratic sentiment and anti-devolution agenda they stopped caring and decided to ignore the Senedd.

For the tories the Senedd is only worth listening to when it suits the political aims of the bullingdon boys. The Foreign Secretary tried to impose a ⅔ requirement to pass a referendum through parliament and was rightly laughed at by parliament and condemned from parties ranging from mine to the TPM. 

The fact is the tories have done everything they possibly can to stop a justice devolution referendum. It’s been excuse after excuse with no regard for the Welsh people, the Senedd or democracy, with anti democratic amendments that would make it impossible to enact change even with a higher than average turnout and a substantial majority of Wales in favour.  The Welsh Conservative Party leader RhysDallen puts party before country, even as Wales was underfunded by billions in the last budget, he acts as more of a front man for Conservative Central Office wales rather than a Welsh Conservative. The fact for the tories is that Wales, like the other devolved nations comes second to their polling in England.

The recent Welsh election showed that the welsh people have an appetite for further devolution returning pro devolution parties to the Senedd defeating the Welsh Conservatives regressive agenda, and outright opposition to Wales gaining powers. I embrace conciliatory unionism which means that I believe in the union but I passionately believe all four corners of the United Kingdom should be happy and content in the union. And each polity should be able to exercise by its democratic processes choice in determining the level of autonomy available to it. It is unacceptable to ignore the democratically elected Welsh government as the Prime Minister is doing, indeed this will only risk splitting the Union still further. I call on the Prime Minister to show real leadership and engage constructively with the Welsh government to find a long lasting devolution settlement.

I am sympathetic to the idea of more devolution as this is clearly what the Welsh  people are longing for however we can not afford to take the gung ho approach of the Labour Party who would devolve too much too fast. We need to ensure the Welsh government can cope and utilise their new powers with a gradual transition as well as ensuring the Welsh people are able to have an informed debate on all these powers before deciding to do so. We have to strike the balance right and if the Prime Minister and his colleagues abdicate their duty of uniting the union I and other opposition leaders will have to step up to the plate.

In order for the LPUK to support further devolution I want to see the justice devolution referendum completed so we can deal with one issue at a time as well as being able to review how Wales copes with its new powers should the Welsh people vote that way. Reports in the press said I warned Salami to halt his devolution demands, this is a gross misrepresentation of what I said. The First Minister should absolutely push for what he believes. We will take into account the will of the Welsh parliament in all of this and will not support devolution for devolution’s sake. We need to review all measures carefully and take time over this to ensure that the powers that are being devolved will be in the interests of Wales and the rest of the UK.

Let me be  absolutely clear that no Tory threat will impact my decision on this. Threats are immature and goes to show the extent the tories will go to stop devolution. I will make my mind up based on the facts and the Senedd, not what any  Tory Minister in CCHQ has to say.

We have a huge opportunity to come to a lasting devolution settlement and I wish Secretary_Salami all the best in doing this. We must however reject calls to devolve as much as possible as fast as possible from some in Labour and calls to stop devolution at all costs. The LPUK will provide the sensible middle ground in this and will help break the deadlock on this issue and unite the country.

This article was written by /u/Friedmanite19, Former Chancellor Of The Exchequer and Leader Of The Libertarian Party

Labour reach deal with Plaid Cymru and PUP in bid to become First Minister

The Telegraph learns that Welsh Labour has reached a coalition deal with Plaid Cymru and Plaid Pobl, one which would leave them 4 short of commanding a majority. In a deal that would make /u/Secretary_Salami First Minister, Plaid Pobl and Plaid Cymru would need to vote in full, alongside four additional AMs from either the Conservatives or Libertarians, in order for it to pan out.

In the deal, Plaid Pobl secures a cabinet position, despite only having two AM’s. They will no doubt be pleased that Labour is willing to work with them despite being formed as the result of a split with the Party earlier this year.

The leaked welsh cabinet

The left-wing coalition plans to establish a state-owned ‘Welsh Investment Bank’, with proposals to raise income tax by 1p on the higher and additional rates. This means those earning over £51,050 can expect to see their tax rises in line with Westminster undoing the Blurple coalitions move to mitigate tax rises from the Clegg government’s budget. Other plans include scrapping VAT reporting for small businesses and undertaking the AMRC Project North Wales.

In what marks a radical shift to the extreme left, the coalition document also includes plans to nationalise 50% of the elderly care sector by 2030, alongside taking the post office into public ownership.  Furthermore the new proposed Government also wish to roll out the controversial ‘Ambercare’ in Wales and provide free contraception to anyone below the age of 25.

The economic agenda seen here is one that we would have expected from a left wing government and will no doubt draw fierce criticism from parties on the right.

On the hot issue of the day, the coalition, as expected, would support a referendum on justice and policing. They would also negotiate a wider devolution settlement which presumably means they would seek further devolution from Westminster. Secretary_Salami told the Telegraph that, in their view, Welsh devolution should include corporation tax, S4C (which is a welsh language broadcasting agency and TV channel) , air passenger duty, Sunday trading and power over tax bands akin to the Scottish model . This is likely to lead to another standoff between the Conservative government in Westminster and Cardiff Bay.

Likewise, the transport section includes a whole set of infrastructure projects including the electrification of the Southern Valley lines and the building of a third Menai bridge on the purple route. Elsewhere we see a commitment to raise education funding to the UK average and a £10 million funding boost to Sport Wales alongside a £7 million boost for Parc Adfer.

It is unclear whether this platform is affordable with the raising of the additional and higher rate to 1p only raising approximately £60 million. The coalition platform contains some big spending pledges and it’s questionable whether it is all affordable. It is unlikely Secretary_Salami would find support in parliament for his ambitious economic agenda.

The fate of the First Minister election is unclear, with Conservative leader RhysDallen announcing he would not stand for the position himself. The Conservative leader said he would not vote for Labour which leaves the only option he can take as RON, it is also unlikely that the Welsh Libertarians will back Welsh Labour to take power. The Telegraph asked Mr Dallen for his thoughts:

“Whilst I am more than happy to see investment into Wales, the questions will come at funding and numbers in the lobby. As I have already made clear to Mr Salami, I am willing to work with him. Some of these plans, shall we say, have the potential to end up as an over promise and an under deliver. I wish them all the best and we will work on a case by case basis as a pragmatic opposition which will support sensible legislation but oppose promises that cannot be fulfilled”


When pressed on his support for nationalisation pledges, he appeared to be opposed to the nationalisation of the post office however did not rule out supporting the government’s proposed nationalisation of half the elderly care sector saying he would “fight for the best quality of care which often involves the utilisation of private sector expertise”. He told the Telegraph that the Tories believed elderly care should be available for everyone but this does not “always mean a nationalised service which would prevent streamlining and expert assistance from the private sector”. It appears that the Conservatives are leaving their options going forward and aren’t as opposed to Welsh Labour’s plan as many would have thought.

Secretary_Salami sounded optimistic and told the Telegraph he believed there would be a majority for his government in the end and argued that other parties were likely to see that Labour are the only party under which a justice devolution referendum is secure. He did however say he expects it to go second or third preference votes and said it could very well take another First Minister election.

I believe that every party leader acknowledges that another general election is in no one’s best interest- not the parties, not the candidates and not the country’s interest- and therefore I am optimistic I will secure a mandate in the end.


With Blurple talks falling through earlier in the week it appears like this Labour lead government is the only viable Government at the present time. This could change if another First Minister election is called.

The Welsh assembly is bitterly divided and it looks like this set to continue with potentially more First Minister elections, maybe even a snap election is the deadlock continues. 

NeatSaucer cups serious flak as accusations of Tories and “BAME lynching” made in Commons

The comments of Shadow Communities Secretary, /u/NeatSauce have caused outrage, as he accused the Conservatives of supporting racism, amongst other incendiary remarks on the future of BAME persons under Tory rule.

The Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, & Local Government gave a controversial speech in the House of Commons levying serious accusations against Conservative MP’s.  He told BAME communities that voted for the Conservatives that they would “RIP (rest in peace)” as a result of their vote, adding that the tories did not care if those voters were “randomly lynched”.

Mr Saucer said, as recorded in Hansard on June 7th:

“It is surprising yet not difficult for us to cope up that the Tories are a party of racism and condemning racism is so tough for them. Using a commonly known acronym, RIP to the BAME communities who voted Tory. Your Tory MP does not care for you, note that, so tomorrow, you get randomly lynched then the Tories do not care, they care only if you give them votes and then forget you after that. “


These comments were in response to a motion tabled by the Liberal Democrats on policing reform, where the Conservatives indicated they would be abstaining due to the fact they did not wish to interfere with an independent investigation.

The author of the motion, /u/thechattyshow told us that the comments were not appropriate .LPUK peer Greejatus told the Telegraph that the comments were not only “not only offensive  to right-wing members of the BAME community, but it also does nothing to support or help the much-needed movement to recognise the equality of all race” and said that “no political party has sole ‘ownership’ of the struggle for racial equality, and it is high time the Labour Party understood that simple fact.”

A Conservative spokesperson  told the Telegraph the following:

‘We are shocked by the unprovoked, vitriolic and deeply harmful and offensive comments of the Shadow HCLG Secretary, which have no bearing to reality at all and are wholly unsubstantiated. We urge the Labour Party to distance themselves from the baseless and deleterious accusations made by the Shadow Secretary. The Conservative and Unionist Party is proud of its BAME members and will always stand with the BAME community.’

The article will updated with a Labour comment when one is received.