Former Classical Liberal Minister Zygark gives verdict on Sunrise coalition

/u/Zygark, the former Secretary of State for Culture, Communities and Local Government speaks to the Telegraph for the first time since resigning the whip and joining the Conservative Party.

The Sunrise coalition is, no doubt, having a disastrous week with four members of the government resigning. The first to resign was minister for prison reform, /u/_KnowYourPlace_, who left the government to join the Conservatives . In a big blow for the Classical Liberals, the next to resign was the Secretary of State for Culture, Communities and Local Government, /u/zygark, who also decided to join the Conservatives. It emerged yesterday that /u/Padanub has resigned as Secretary of State for Defence and the Times this morning reported /u/RhysDallen had resigned as the housing minister whilst giving an interview which will damage the government. Labelling the Chancellor a “bully boy” and accusing him of being arrogant and using vulgar language. If the coalition continues to lose ministers and support, it is uncertain whether they can continue to govern the country.

The Telegraph managed to grab an exclusive interview with /u/Zygark where he gave his honest opinions on the Sunrise coalition and the internal state of the Classical Liberal coalition. Firstly the Telegraph questioned him on the government’s legislative process where he confirmed:

The “Broadcasting Bill” and the “Pass and Road Bill” were not presented to the cabinet before being presented to the commons at large.

This proves the speculation that the Sunrise leadership are very secretive about their plans and padanub had clearly not seen the legislation put forward by a special advisor to the department for culture media and sport, it is important to note that the legislation was not even written or drafted by a member of the cabinet. This no doubt confirms that /u/Padanubs resignation was avoidable had the legislative process been transparent and perhaps been similar to the Blurple government. 

Zygark was blunt when asked about the Government’s internal organisation retorting “what structure? Being part of the cabinet felt very disjointed.” He also went on to say there was a “lack of communication between leadership and the rest of the government over decision making” and that “decisions were often made without people being able to voice their opinions.”

He agreed with RhysDallen’s assessment of the Chancellor being a bully describing him “extremely unpleasant to deal with at worst.” and “vague and unhelpful” at best, he then told the Telegraph that he couldn’t “see increased taxes and a £50bn deficit being good for the economy or the average person.

Finally the interview moved onto Classical Liberal internal affairs where /u/Zygark told us that under /u/Twistednuke the Classical Liberals have shifted leftwards.

The party under [Twistednuke] has definitely moved somewhat leftwards, but I can’t see a large portion of the membership wanting to stay in this coalition for much longer.

This possibly suggests that there are many Classical Liberals members who regret entering the coalition and are disgruntled at the left wing turn the Government and Chancellor are taking, it is entirely plausible that Classical Liberals members bring down the Sunrise government just like they took out the Liberal Alliance. /u/Zygark finally told us that in his view it was time for /u/Twistednuke to resign and he thinks “someone new will really help the party.” It is unclear as to whether the Government and /u/Twistednuke will get through the scathing attacks from /u/Zygark and /u/Rhysdallen, men who have been at the heart of government and key players in the Classical Liberals rise in the recent few months. If the sun sets on Sunrise, it appears that /u/Twistednuke’s time will also be up.  The Telegraph will update readers on any more developments.

Secretary of State for Defence Padanub resigns in blow to the Government

The Secretary of State for Defence Padanub (pictured) resigns in blow to the Government.

Earlier today the Telegraph confirmed that Padanub was resigning from his role as Secretary of State for Defence in protest of the controversial Broadcasting Bill put forward by “special adviser in digital innovation, business, and skills” comrade_zoe which intends to force the Premier League and other sporting leagues to give away its content to all broadcasters: Attacking their rights. The draconian Bill ends the system of broadcasting spaces and has sparked the resignation of Mr nub.

The Monolith on Sunday outlined government divisions over ICE and budgetary measures the government is taking, this is likely to be a huge blow to the Prime Minister who has faced a turbulent few weeks in office with cabinet division and conflicting messages coming out of Number 10.

Padanub describes his opposition to the European Union Settled Status Bill, Pass and Road Bill and Broadcasting Bill in cabinet meeting.

According to leaks from the Telegraph Padanub has also voiced concerns about the European Union Settled Status Bill with the Chancellor also agreeing with him but when talking to Nub it seemed that the ultimate thing that made him resign was the Broadcasting Bill, describing it as “technologically retarded” to cabinet ministers. After joining the backbenches, he tore into the Broadcasting Bill:

Quite literally not possible. I doubt 95% of the UK have/want access to a Television. In fact according to recent stats only 42% have access, so how are we going to make sports viewable to 95% of the population via TV channels, if 58% of the population don’t even have televisions!

This bill quite literally infringes on the rights of the market, if I as a content producer… only want my content to be shown via Sky, that’s my right. It’s a business deal I make, the government shouldn’t be forcing me to give my content away! Quite literally not possible. I doubt 95% of the UK have/want access to a Television. In fact according to recent stats only 42% have access, so how are we going to make sports viewable to 95% of the population via TV channels, if 58% of the population don’t even have televisions!


The Telegraph conducted an interview with Padanub. When asked whether the Government were disorganised, he told the Telegraph “as with any large organisation there are communication problems and elements of disorganisation,” and he firmly believed “the government is committed to solving any issues they may have.”

When pushed by the Telegraph to reveal whether the cabinet had been shown the Bills prior to being read in the house of commons the ex-Defence Secretary did not wish to comment and said that it didn’t really matter. This could suggest that ministers are not getting to look over Government Bills before they are published, this is in stark contrast to the Blurple coalition which ensured that all members of the cabinet would have the ability to scrutinise and suggest amendments to legislation. This could have been an avoidable resignation, one can only speculate but if padanub had been consulted prior to this, would he really be resigning?

Padanub told the Telegraph “the Classical Liberal delegation did do most of the communicating between Cabinet and [leadership], so it certainly seemed like they were the grease on the machinery” and that he thought that the Prime Minister was in an “unfortunate position” and was “beholden to the smallest parties in the coalition, as seen with the SDP taking the Chancellorship”, furthermore stating  “he could do more to stand up to them, but that would potentially be the end of Government.”

When questioned about the government’s economic policy Mr nub told the Telegraph he had his “own reservations about the hikes on the lower levels.”, presumably referring to an increase in Income Tax or VAT, however confirmed he had confidence in the Chancellor and told the Telegraph “he has an air of authority” and that he is looking forward to his upcoming policies.

Finally, when he was asked about Sunrise he told the Telegraph “if it wants to survive and hit history books and make this country a better place, it needs some proper good leadership.” This potentially hints at the government’s internal processes and perhaps even inactivity at the highest levels of government.

Overall padanub’s resignation will be a huge blow to Prime Minister, who will have to find a new Defence Secretary and replace one of the Government’s most competent and capable ministers. This only adds to the long list of the Prime Minister’s woes.