Shadow Cabinet member expelled from House of Commons for swearing

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ThePootisPower was expelled from the House of commons

In a heated debate on the government’s strategy with regards to Iran the shadow secretary of state for equalities dropped the F-bomb twice while responding to the Defence Secretary statement. Elsewhere in his speech, he called for the resignation of the Foreign Secretary and was extremely critical of the government’s decision to withdraw from the JCPOA – a move which has been condemned by two former conservative prime ministers.

ThePootisPower refused to withdraw his unparliamentary language and was thrown out of the House of Commons by the speakership, this is quite extraordinary given that he is a member of Labour’s frontbench team and there will no doubt be questions raised about his temperament to serve in cabinet should the party be elected to government after the general election. His comments were also supported by the infamous Shadow Home Secretary who echoed his support the members comments with the offending statement. This isn’t the first time in the week to which he has drawn attention to himself with him making an error about Baghdad, the capital of Iraq being in Iran.

The Classical Liberal Leader /u/HiddeVdV96 gave the telegraph the following statement:

I think it’s a tragedy that it has come to this, but it was the right decision. MPs should be an example of good behavior for all people in the UK and swearing like that in the HOC is something that has to be taken seriously. I’m glad that the Deputy Speakers did something about that, let this set an example for the future.


He also told the Telegraph that he believed Labour should seriously  reconsider thepootispowers role on the front bench.

The Defence Secretary /u/seimer1234 said that “Poot’s lack of knowledge on the Middle East is quite concerning, and this, coupled with his unparliamentary language resulting in his expulsion from the chamber, should be a cause of concern for anyone who would consider putting the Labour Party back into power, given these are the characters that shall make up their cabinet””

Labour told the Telegraph that they did not endorse not endorse the behavior of the pootispower during the debate of the statement regarding Iran. They stated that they  believe that the Government’s reckless statement on Iran merited fierce criticism but still believe that debate in the Commons should always abide by the standards dictated by the rules in the chamber. When pressed whether any action would occur they said a warning had been issued and that if incidents like this are repeated then they will take action.

Labour humiliated as government’s nationalisation plans defeated

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The Libertarian Party UK’s motion urging the Government to drop plans to nationalise British steel passed 47-42 giving it a majority of 5 in the House of Commons: Inflicting a major defeat on the Government. This will come as another blow to the Labour Party is dealt with Deputy Prime Minister Tommy1Boys coming out against the nationalisation plans of the Government despite voting against the motion due to CCR.

The motion passed with support of backbench Classical Liberal and Liberal Democrat MPs. 3 MPs from each party rebelled against the government whip including the current Chancellor of The Exchequer Duncs11 and veteran Liberal Democrat bloodycontrary. The Government would have already been expecting trouble with Liberal Democrat MPs supporting the LPUK’s motion in the debate debating Labour frontbenchers on the matter. The Telegraph asked former Prime Minister and heavyweight Liberal Democrat MP TheNoHeart, who rebelled and supported the motion, what he thought of the passage of the motion.

A satisfying decision by the House of Commons that speaks towards working with the government when they’re right and being open to tell them when they’re proposing ill-crafted solutions.


There were several more abstentions on the government benches which helped the motion sail to victory.

For: 48

CON (27) LPUK (14) LD (3) CLIB (3)

Against: 42

LAB (26) CLIB (6) LD (4) CON(1) Other (5)

This represents a massive defeat for the Government and especially for the passionate advocates of the proposal in the Labour Party. This defeat alongside the Chief Secretary To the Treasury’s legislative agenda which is no doubt playing in many Classical Liberal MP’s minds as they vote whether to leave the Sunrise coalition with his recent Bill on the national grid being opposed by the Deputy Prime Minister. The passage of this motion will be a huge kick in the face for the government and may further fracture the Sunrise coalition as they decide how to reply to the motion.

The Telegraph spoke to the new Chancellor Duncs who said that “The Government recognises the vote cast in the House of Commons on the Steel Nationalisation motion.” and that “The Cabinet will now discuss the best way to proceed.” When pressed he was unable to rule out a nationalisation of British Steel and could not commit to the motions instructions but told the Telegraph the following

How the Government proceed from now will be discussed by the Cabinet and so I am unable to say with certainty what will be done now, although it is clear the vote had significance and I’m sure every political analyst will have the same view on what’s likely

Duncs11, Chancellor of the Exchequer

There will likely be an internal debate between the Classical Liberals and Labour Party whether to follow this motion and this could be crucial in the future of the Sunrise coalition and how Classical Liberal MPs and ministers vote in the so called Clexit vote. Even if Labour wish to ignore the motion, the LPUK have released a press statement saying they will bring forward legally binding (primary) legislation to the House of Commons to prevent any nationalisation occurring and it’s possible this could secure Classical Liberal support if they leave the coalition. Whatever happens with British Steel, it will be an interesting few days ahead and this vote could prove to play a crucial factor in whether Sunrise survives or not.

“Tommy’s Approach to me was tantamount to blackmail”: An Exclusive look inside a dysfunctional government

Today the Telegraph received an exclusive statement from First Minister CountBrandenburg, detailing a laundry list of failures, mistakes and corruption within the Sunrise cabinet

A statement the Telegraph today received from the First Minister CountBrandeburg has revealed a damning look within the Sunrise coalition. The leaks show a complete failure of CCR, a lack of proper information distribution within Cabinet and the seemingly regular use of kompromat and blackmail against supposed allies.

The statement begins by showing the cabinet ministers the FM spoke to regarding the healthcare treaty, none of whom were aware of the nature of healthcare talks. The Chancellor,The Lib Dem co-Leader and LotHoL and the Northern Irish Secretary all were unaware of the talks, clearly showing a lack of proper cabinet lines of communication.

Tommy1Boys behaviour was heavily criticised in the statement.Leaked reports show the Foreign Secretary threatened to inform the press if the Executive if they do not agree to a meeting with the Northern Irish Secretary. In this statement the Foreign Secretary defends a plan to nationalise the Harland and Wolff shipyard for military purposes.

Tommy was also highly critical of the Executive, saying that Trev has backstabbed Twisted over the healthcare treaty. He would later however describe Twisted as a fuckwit, while still saying he had little time for the ExecutiveThe Saunders crisis was a critical point for the government during the past few weeks, and it is revealed that the “Pizza Club” cabal was attempting to manage the impacts of Saunders. Here, Tommy informed them he was keeping a document of kompromat on the Chancellor, including all his outbursts which became public, to use against him if he moved against the government.

We also received details on the nature of the Classical Liberal leadership race, which appears to be coming down to Star vs Tommy now that CountBrandenburg has left. Tommy’s manifesto and Stars Manifesto are both included in the leaks

Star when questioned by Damien on her plans to change the Clib leadership structure, she attacked Damien for it, and then tried to spin it as a joke. Star and Tommy appear to have significant differences, with Tommy criticising Star significantly over a whipping issue CountBrandenburg also discusses the cabinet knowledge of legislation, and we see here Vitiating describing the Labour Rights Violations bill as a disaster. These leaks show a clear split at the heart of Sunrise, with personal ambition and political expediency threatening its entire existence. Tommy acknowledges Labour failings, calling them “fucking fucks”.Perhaps even more startlingly, we see a complete willingness to use all means necessary to deal with dissent, including blackmail. Sunrise now have clear questions to answer, perhaps most importantly, is this the end of the Sunrise experiment?

This article was written by seimer, a journalist for the telegraph

Liberal Democrats attempt to derail inquiry into bullying as former Chancellor admitted to the party

/u/TheNoHeart has privately voiced opposition in cabinet meetings to an inquiry into /u/Saunders16’s conduct, the Telegraph learns.

What in the world is the benefit?


The Telegraph has learned the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, former Prime Minister and former leader of the Liberal Democrats, /u/TheNoHeart, has passionately opposed the Government’s inquiry and opposition calls for an independent inquiry over allegations of bullying in government. When speaking about a potential inquiry he told cabinet that it’d “prolong the scandal” and “only damage” the Government. Going further to say of the inquiry, “what in the world is the benefit?” This is a damning piece of evidence showing that /u/TheNoHeart doesn’t care about the Chancellor’s behaviour, his rude remarks or ableist language and is only concerned with saving the Government’s reputation.

The allegations of bullying were first made by the former Housing Secretary. Speaking to The Times, /u/RhysDallen described berating of government members and the derogatory use of the term “retarded” by the former Chancellor, going further to describe him as a “bully boy”. The former Classical Liberal Minister, /u/Zygark, described him on Sunday as “extremely unpleasant to deal with at worst.” and “vague and unhelpful at best.”

On Tuesday, a government spokesperson confirmed “an internal inquiry into the behaviour of the former Chancellor” was being conducted, going further to say “ableist language has no place in our politics”. The spokesperson refused to comment further “to allow the inquiry to run its course without interference.”

/u/Saunders16 was controversially admitted into the Liberal Democrats and the comments from Mr Hart will only fuel to opposition attacks against the Liberal Democrats. The most incriminating piece of evidence yet came when /u/TheNoHeart argued that an inquiry would be an “especially bad idea” because /u/Saunders joining presumingly provided concrete evidence that the Liberal Democrats aren’t concerned whether the Chancellor is an alleged bully. If you want concrete proof the Liberal Democrats are trying to hide and bury the truth then here it is.

Opposition members have suggested the Government and Liberal Democrats don’t care about the Chancellor’s behaviour, and to date there has been no evidence to back these claims until now. The Telegraph’s anonymous source has told us that Mr Hart was the only Liberal Democrat to speak on the matter.

The Government have claimed they are taking the disdainful actions of the former Chancellor seriously. Many will wonder how anyone can believe them when senior party figures are trying to hide the truth to save their own skin.

Saunders16 admitted into Liberal Democrats despite bullying investigation ongoing

Saunders16, the former Chancellor and Leader of the SDP has been allowed into the Liberal Democrats

With things appearing to quieten down in Westminster and the dust settling over Saunders16 resignation, the former Chancellor has been admitted into the Liberal Democrats which will no spark some criticism from the Classical Liberals and other political pundits. The Leader Of The Opposition eelsmaj99 told the telegraph that its “astonishing that he reapplied to join sunrise after leaving it in such a dramatic fashion and astonishing that the Lib Dems would take them back given all the recent events surrounding him:

The LPUK’s seimer1234 has submitted a motion calling for an independent inquiry  under the terms of the 2005 Inquiries Act increasing pressure on the government to be transparent about what the Prime Minister knew. The government have been vague and reluctant to answer questions on the matter of the inquiry however the press learned that the government will be conducting their own internal inquiry and it is unclear whether they will support opposition calls for an independent inquiry or the process of their internal inquiry.

The Liberal Democrats have clearly taken a gamble by admitting saunders16 before the government review takes place indicating the review is either unlikely to find anything incriminating perhaps calling its integrity into question or alternatively that the Liberal Democrats simply don’t care about the results of the inquiry now that the issue appears to have died down. The Liberal Democrats have been internally struggling for activity, even polling below the SDP recently so the addition of saunders16 could be a big boost to the party. Saunders gave the telegraph a statement on his decision to join the Lib Dems

My first priority is serving my constituents in Highland and Grampian. I was elected on a positive, moderate message and I will keep fighting for my vision for the country alongside like-minded individuals. The Liberal Democrats have always been close friends of mine, and after talks and a lot of consideration, I now believe that they have the resources and plan required to be the strong, moderate force this country needs – a force that it is now clear the SDP is not going to become any time soon. – Saunders 16

Anomaline appointed Chancellor as Classical Liberal stranglehold on government tightens

The controversial new chancellor Anomaline emerges from number 10 downing street after his appointment earlier today

It has no doubt been an interesting week in Westminster with the Government descending into complete and utter chaos: So far this week we have seen five resignations with the most high profile and recent resignation being that of the Chancellor, /u/Saunders16 who crumbled under the pressure of his other colleagues resignations and a dogpile by his own party members and members of the wider governing coalition.

Who is Anomaline?

If people thought the government were trying to rid themselves of controversy and calm the storm by appointing a consensus figure as Chancellor, they could not have been more mistaken. /u/Anomaline was a former Conservative Member of Parliament and Business Secretary in the Blurple government, who won a crucial by-election last term before defecting to the Classical Liberals.The defection sparked controversy and lead to Conservative-Classical Liberal relations declining rapidly as Anomalinewas accused of collaborating with /u/charlotte_star, the new CCLG Secretary, to prevent /u/sys_33_error from getting promoted and has been labelled as a “bully” by members of the Conservative Party. The Leader Of The Opposition satirically remarked that the Government has made a good choice for Chancellor by “swapping one bullying, twofaced and incompetent defector for another.” With the previous Chancellor resigning over allegations of bullying, this is certainly a ballsy pick, only time will tell if Anomaline is up to the job and can put his past behind him to perform effectively as Chancellor, uniting what some regard as a fragmented governing coalition.

The new make up of cabinet

With this new appointment, the Classical Liberals now control 2/4 of the great offices of state despite not having the seats to justify doing so, many critics have suggested that /u/Secretary_Salami has rolled over for the Classical Liberals and this only goes to prove them right with Labour only having 38% of all cabinet positions compared to making up 50% of the seats. The Classical Liberals have not given up roles to obtain Chancellor confirming their grip on government has tightened. As /u/DF44 from the People’s Movement suggested in the queen’s speech this is perhaps “a Classical Liberal Government by any other name.” How Labour backbenchers will react is yet to be seen but it is clear that the Prime Minister is happy to continue to expand the power of the Classical Liberals for nothing in return.

Former Classical Liberal Minister Zygark gives verdict on Sunrise coalition

/u/Zygark, the former Secretary of State for Culture, Communities and Local Government speaks to the Telegraph for the first time since resigning the whip and joining the Conservative Party.

The Sunrise coalition is, no doubt, having a disastrous week with four members of the government resigning. The first to resign was minister for prison reform, /u/_KnowYourPlace_, who left the government to join the Conservatives . In a big blow for the Classical Liberals, the next to resign was the Secretary of State for Culture, Communities and Local Government, /u/zygark, who also decided to join the Conservatives. It emerged yesterday that /u/Padanub has resigned as Secretary of State for Defence and the Times this morning reported /u/RhysDallen had resigned as the housing minister whilst giving an interview which will damage the government. Labelling the Chancellor a “bully boy” and accusing him of being arrogant and using vulgar language. If the coalition continues to lose ministers and support, it is uncertain whether they can continue to govern the country.

The Telegraph managed to grab an exclusive interview with /u/Zygark where he gave his honest opinions on the Sunrise coalition and the internal state of the Classical Liberal coalition. Firstly the Telegraph questioned him on the government’s legislative process where he confirmed:

The “Broadcasting Bill” and the “Pass and Road Bill” were not presented to the cabinet before being presented to the commons at large.

This proves the speculation that the Sunrise leadership are very secretive about their plans and padanub had clearly not seen the legislation put forward by a special advisor to the department for culture media and sport, it is important to note that the legislation was not even written or drafted by a member of the cabinet. This no doubt confirms that /u/Padanubs resignation was avoidable had the legislative process been transparent and perhaps been similar to the Blurple government. 

Zygark was blunt when asked about the Government’s internal organisation retorting “what structure? Being part of the cabinet felt very disjointed.” He also went on to say there was a “lack of communication between leadership and the rest of the government over decision making” and that “decisions were often made without people being able to voice their opinions.”

He agreed with RhysDallen’s assessment of the Chancellor being a bully describing him “extremely unpleasant to deal with at worst.” and “vague and unhelpful” at best, he then told the Telegraph that he couldn’t “see increased taxes and a £50bn deficit being good for the economy or the average person.

Finally the interview moved onto Classical Liberal internal affairs where /u/Zygark told us that under /u/Twistednuke the Classical Liberals have shifted leftwards.

The party under [Twistednuke] has definitely moved somewhat leftwards, but I can’t see a large portion of the membership wanting to stay in this coalition for much longer.

This possibly suggests that there are many Classical Liberals members who regret entering the coalition and are disgruntled at the left wing turn the Government and Chancellor are taking, it is entirely plausible that Classical Liberals members bring down the Sunrise government just like they took out the Liberal Alliance. /u/Zygark finally told us that in his view it was time for /u/Twistednuke to resign and he thinks “someone new will really help the party.” It is unclear as to whether the Government and /u/Twistednuke will get through the scathing attacks from /u/Zygark and /u/Rhysdallen, men who have been at the heart of government and key players in the Classical Liberals rise in the recent few months. If the sun sets on Sunrise, it appears that /u/Twistednuke’s time will also be up.  The Telegraph will update readers on any more developments.

Secretary of State for Defence Padanub resigns in blow to the Government

The Secretary of State for Defence Padanub (pictured) resigns in blow to the Government.

Earlier today the Telegraph confirmed that Padanub was resigning from his role as Secretary of State for Defence in protest of the controversial Broadcasting Bill put forward by “special adviser in digital innovation, business, and skills” comrade_zoe which intends to force the Premier League and other sporting leagues to give away its content to all broadcasters: Attacking their rights. The draconian Bill ends the system of broadcasting spaces and has sparked the resignation of Mr nub.

The Monolith on Sunday outlined government divisions over ICE and budgetary measures the government is taking, this is likely to be a huge blow to the Prime Minister who has faced a turbulent few weeks in office with cabinet division and conflicting messages coming out of Number 10.

Padanub describes his opposition to the European Union Settled Status Bill, Pass and Road Bill and Broadcasting Bill in cabinet meeting.

According to leaks from the Telegraph Padanub has also voiced concerns about the European Union Settled Status Bill with the Chancellor also agreeing with him but when talking to Nub it seemed that the ultimate thing that made him resign was the Broadcasting Bill, describing it as “technologically retarded” to cabinet ministers. After joining the backbenches, he tore into the Broadcasting Bill:

Quite literally not possible. I doubt 95% of the UK have/want access to a Television. In fact according to recent stats only 42% have access, so how are we going to make sports viewable to 95% of the population via TV channels, if 58% of the population don’t even have televisions!

This bill quite literally infringes on the rights of the market, if I as a content producer… only want my content to be shown via Sky, that’s my right. It’s a business deal I make, the government shouldn’t be forcing me to give my content away! Quite literally not possible. I doubt 95% of the UK have/want access to a Television. In fact according to recent stats only 42% have access, so how are we going to make sports viewable to 95% of the population via TV channels, if 58% of the population don’t even have televisions!


The Telegraph conducted an interview with Padanub. When asked whether the Government were disorganised, he told the Telegraph “as with any large organisation there are communication problems and elements of disorganisation,” and he firmly believed “the government is committed to solving any issues they may have.”

When pushed by the Telegraph to reveal whether the cabinet had been shown the Bills prior to being read in the house of commons the ex-Defence Secretary did not wish to comment and said that it didn’t really matter. This could suggest that ministers are not getting to look over Government Bills before they are published, this is in stark contrast to the Blurple coalition which ensured that all members of the cabinet would have the ability to scrutinise and suggest amendments to legislation. This could have been an avoidable resignation, one can only speculate but if padanub had been consulted prior to this, would he really be resigning?

Padanub told the Telegraph “the Classical Liberal delegation did do most of the communicating between Cabinet and [leadership], so it certainly seemed like they were the grease on the machinery” and that he thought that the Prime Minister was in an “unfortunate position” and was “beholden to the smallest parties in the coalition, as seen with the SDP taking the Chancellorship”, furthermore stating  “he could do more to stand up to them, but that would potentially be the end of Government.”

When questioned about the government’s economic policy Mr nub told the Telegraph he had his “own reservations about the hikes on the lower levels.”, presumably referring to an increase in Income Tax or VAT, however confirmed he had confidence in the Chancellor and told the Telegraph “he has an air of authority” and that he is looking forward to his upcoming policies.

Finally, when he was asked about Sunrise he told the Telegraph “if it wants to survive and hit history books and make this country a better place, it needs some proper good leadership.” This potentially hints at the government’s internal processes and perhaps even inactivity at the highest levels of government.

Overall padanub’s resignation will be a huge blow to Prime Minister, who will have to find a new Defence Secretary and replace one of the Government’s most competent and capable ministers. This only adds to the long list of the Prime Minister’s woes.