“A Decade of Renewal”: Clibs Back Blurple Budget

Chancellor of the Exchequer Friedmanite19, who delivered today’s statement outside Downing Street.

Downing Street was the setting today for a speech by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Friedmanite and the Leader of the Classical Liberals saw the announcement of Clib support for the government’s “People’s Budget”.

The announcement is a major boost to the government, who have spent the past week embattled with the Iran crisis, and the governments decision, and subsequent u-turn, regarding exit from the JCPOA. The Telegraph understands the government have spent the past several weeks negotiating with Classical Liberals and Liberal Democrats, to ensure a majority in the Commons for the governments fiscal plans.

The arithmetic in the Commons currently has the Blurple, or Indigo as the Prime Minister has tried to rename it, Government on 44 seats. With Classical Liberal support, this boosts their numbers to 57, effectively guaranteeing its passage through the house. 

With the news of a civil service error regarding revenues generated from VAT resulting in the budget currently being in deficit rather than surplus, the Treasury was attacked by the opposition for its perceived instragience over the “triple-lock” pledge, with some saying it was impossible, and would simply endanger the nations finance. However in his speech outside Downing Street, the Chancellor hit back, saying he had proved the “doomsters and gloomsters” wrong, by delivering on the triple-lock promise while simultaneously getting rid of the deficit. This is a move that will be very popular in the LPUK’s Milton Keynes HQ, and among many in the corridors of power. 

HiddeVdV, Classical Liberal Leader, who pledged Clib support to the Blurple Budget

The Classical Liberal leader and First Minister of Wales HiddeVdV96 spoke of “game changers” achieved by the Classical Liberals in the budget, praising the protection of the triple lock and the increase in funding for Wales. With the Classical Liberals collapsing poll numbers, it is possible they view this as part of a strategy to show their ability to get their objectives through from the opposition benches.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer provided the following comment to the Telegraph-” I am excited for the first ever LPUK budget and am pleased that the Classical Liberal approached talks with a bi-partisan spirit in order to eliminate the budget deficit, level up funding across the UK and give hard working Brits a tax cut. The opposition told us we could not keep the triple lock, yet we have, we’ve proven everyone wrong. This people’s budget will set the path for a decade renewal and I look forward to its passage.”

The Classical Liberal Leader gave this comment to the Telegraph- “We’re proud to support this budget, we’ve achieved a lot of things, like lowering taxes and an increasement in mental health care funding. We have shown that we’ll always act in the national interest and get the UK moving again”

The Shadow Chancellor Cdocwra in an answer to the Telegraph said “We have a Government that has made clear, and a Chancellor that has made clear, that they are dedicated not to ensuring that we have a budget that actually provides for the people of this country but instead shall look at cutting both Housing Benefit and NIT. If this weren’t enough the Government has only just been through a scandal because their last budget put this country under greater financial strain than was claimed at the time. The Classical Liberals have chosen to take this opportunity not to distance themselves from a government with a financial record of cuts and failure to deliver but in fact have chosen to actively ally with them for the purposes of the next budget. We already knew what the Blurple Coalition was made of so this doesn’t tell us as much about them as it does the Classical Liberals themselves, a party that has shifted so much over the course of this term that one wonders what it is they actually believe in at all.”