“Queen’s Speech: A House in Disarray”

As soon as rumors of a Sunrise+ coalition emerged, it was quickly dubbed by political pundits and opposition MP’s alike as the “Coalition of Chaos.” Even following the Classical Liberals and Lib Dems decision to form a Sunrise government the talks of fear and collapse have not subsided. It is safe to say Westminster at the moment is full of skeptics. However, the Queen’s Speech was an opportunity for the new government to present a new and confident face. A chance to prove their critics wrong and start the term with their right foot forward, so how did they do? Well at least they have 4 weeks left until a VoNC can be tabled.

To start off let us begin with the positives. The speech clearly outlined a commitment to NATO and meeting 2 percent of GDP on defense. This will work to allay the fears of many in the House following statements made by both Labour front and backbenchers which put their position on NATO into doubt. The government also promised to find a resolution to the conflict in Syria. While the sentiment is a good one, I will note that none of the parties manifestos outlined any actual comprehensive plan to deal with the perplexing conflict that consumed the region for nearly a decade. The same goes for dealing with ISIS which according to the Pentagon’s Inspector General as of last year may have up to 30,000 fighters. For all intents and purposes the government promise to bring peace to Syria are nothing but a pipe dream.  

Now if there was one word to define this speech it would be repeal. The Sunrise+ coalition seems to be hellbent on repealing as many Burple policies as possible. From lowering the voting age, abolishing prescription charges and scraping the distributed profits tax. Perhaps it is because they have no ideas of their own. Who knows? The real issue comes with the replacement part. There is the promise of elevating the status of pets from property. But to what exactly will they be raised to? The grand National Education Service will be “free and far as they wish to take it.” It seems the only way to pay for these programs will be raise taxes which will certainly hurt the economy and everyday families. The real question people around the country want to know is what taxes will be raised and by how much?

The crown jewel of the speech is of course immigration. The speech insists that the government will expand the current liberalized immigration system to members of NATO. How that will be done despite the vigorous opposition by the EU remains to be seen. Speaking to the Telegraph from Brussels a top EU official speaking in confidently had this to say when asked about one on one immigration deals with EU countries—⁠“impossible and something that will never be agreed to.” The fact the only way to achieve this would be betray the results of the referendum is acknowledged by the Chancellor-Saunders16. It is a true testament to the state of the government that their Queen’s Speech as divided the coalition. the I guess the government might need to hire some magicians because they are going to need to pull a rabbit out of a hat with this one.

Rather providing an image of a strong and capable government, the Queen’s Speech will keep opposition doubting and the nation wondering. The government promises quite literally the impossible without no mention on how to afford new programs or any hint on how to win over the EU. Is the sun rising or dawning on Sunrise? Only time will tell.

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